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My GY8 '71 Road Runner

Don't let the delay bother you. Its out of your control. So much to do and progress is what matters! Great work!
Progress. Filter cartridges finally came after I ordered another set. The day after I ordered those, I requested Amazon replace the missing original ones I ordered. The next day I got 2 pairs of cartridges delivered to my house...weird! Anyway, I finally got some epoxy on the inner framerails and surrounding area in prep for putting the floors back in. I was more concerned with getting the inside of the crossmember than anything. I got as far insined the framerails as I could. I’ll get the rest with Eastwoods framerail paint - the one with the hose that inserts inside the rails.





This is what I used. It got a lot of good reviews, figured it could’t hurt. Plus, much easier than setting up a gun for such a small area:

I also sprayed the replacement rear framerail:

And hung up one of my Christmas presents from wife (Maui sign):

I have the next several days off because I had time I had to use or lose from work. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the floors in. Then on to the firewall. Thanks for looking!
And another set of filter cartridges just arrived at my door...WTF??!!
I started installing the front floor pan. I ordered it from Jeff @ 521 Restorations. He’s a great person! Despite getting two separate phone call from the shipping company telling me I would receive a call one hour before delivery (the first person that called me said) and a call 1/2 hour before delivery (the second person said), no call :mad: This is what I found when I got home from work:



Don’t mind the different color/style pavers. They’re temporary until I can get the driveway redone.
There was only a small bit of damage to the pan that I was able to hammer out (most of):


Jeff was great. He was able to get me some $ back from AMD (they shipped it directly).

After test fitting, I traced around the framerails, crossmember, inner-rocker, etc. I then placed my old floor over the new to mark out, roughly, where the original spotwelds were. I then drilled them out:




I only had to trim a small amount off the bottom corner of the passenger’s side and the top corner of the driver’s side.

The crossmember hump was a BITCH! I’m not sure if the pan got bent or something in shipping but the pan was siting a good 1/4 inch away from the crossmember at the hump. After bending the pan a few times, hitting it with a BFH and some strategically placed torx screws, I was able to pull the pan flat against the crossmember. It fought me the whole way. I was able to spot weld in half off the pan before running out of time:


And of course, my drill decided to self-destruct in the middle of it all. I had to run out to Lowes for a replacement. I can’t complain, I’ve had it for about 10 yrs and put it through some abuse.
More progress, got the rear foot wells installed. I had to use several Teks screws to pull the panels into their proper location before welding.

Test fitting:


After using the old panels to mark location of original spotwelds, I drilled them out and sprayed copper on the back:


Both sides all welded in. I just have to finish grinding/sanding the spotwelds then, hopefully, on to the firewall.
I’m still making progress. I had to patch a few small areas on the driver’s side cowl side panel. After doing that, I started mocking up the firewall for installation. I looks pretty good so far. I used the AMD panel for A/C equipped cars, which mine is. They are a few differences between the AMD panel and my original. I had to remove the two top mounts as they are different on my car and still attached, as well:



I removed both mounts on both sides:

This pic also show the ears on the mounting point (to left of grinding marks) that my original does not have. I may have to grind them off later.


Side by side they are pretty close to each other:


I may have to remove this center piece, as well. Mine original didn’t have it.

Here it is mocked in with the cowl mocked in too:

I will have to add to the top corner flanges on the firewall panel too. They are are little shorter than the original piece. Before I can get everything mocked up properly, I have to replace the bottom of the driver’s A pillar:

This is a very common spot for rot in these cars.
Thanks for looking. C9B5A9BF-344C-40A8-A108-F3F8126438D4.jpeg
I’m not sure why that last pic is there. I tried deleting it twice.
Lots of work for sure - but good progress!

Some of the AMD metal is not exact, but it sure beats having nothing!
Some more progress: After rough fitting the firewall, I noticed that the top flange is quite different on my original firewall:


As you can see, the AMD firewall (which is for an E Body) has a smaller flange at the top. I then decided to cut the top flange off of my original to make up for the difference. After taking a bunch of measurements, I cut the flange off leaving some extra material to adjust the fitment:



I then placed the cowl back on with this piece placed under it and in between the flange of the AMD firewall so I could mark it more precisely (for me, anyway):



I then installed it under the cowl and checked the fit. I then removed the cowl and put a few tack welds on it and checked the fit again. I then made my first pass of welds, ground them down and then planished the seam:


Then I ran out of time. Hopefully, I’ll have this finished tomorrow and then on to the firewall. But, before I go any further, I want to recheck the fitment with my windshield trim and then finish the welding. I’m wishing that my windshield didn’t break on removal! I could’ve used that for checking fitment.

Thanks for looking!
I saw a lower firewall on E bay specifically for the 71 and up b body. As far as I know,no one makes the upper cowl though.