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My Stepdads New Dream Car Came Today, A 1969 T5 Copper Charger 383

Anyone else ever have this situation happen to them before??

The phone number is in the ad, it's (469)-701-9273 and comes back as no results found when I look it up
Huh, yep that's the car alright. F***in POS. Thanks for letting me know about this. I looked up the phone number too and it says no results found. I showed it to my stepdad an he got a chuckle out of it. He is gonna tell the previous owner of the car too so he can look at it then I'm gonna flag it for removal unless he does first, BUT maybe I'll try the number and screw with em a little first. Again, thank you very much for letting me know. :BangHead::rofl::wtf::screwy::elmer:
I flagged NINE postings - all over the US. POS is right.
I found 6 postings of the car!! one in Boston, one in PA, one in Florida, one in Ventura, one in Arizona, and one in Portland. Unbelievable. I flagged them all
Absolutely beautiful car!! So clean. God....I hate scammers. Some people move somewhere warm and live in peace when they retire....and then they're bored. I'm thinking about hunting down scammers just to f**k with them for awhile. Well anyway.....it's my retirement plan :)
Well folks, we're one step closer to getting the car legally on the road. Today it went to get a VIN verification, and it passed. Next thing on the list is to get it registered at the DMV which will be Tuesday morning. I gotta feelin' the car will be very well received at shows this year because 4 people loved it today just getting the VIN check done.
Just letting everyone know too that I have not heard anything from Carlisle yet regarding our big c-bodies being invited into either of the building displays we put an application in for, the new to us '69 charger is registered and for the first time since I been a member here have registered under FBBO as a club. The car is going to be in the Dodge B-body- 1969 Charger Stock class or class 310 according to the registration on Carlisle's website. See y'all there.
Hey bro - regarding the scammer listings. Happens on everything nice. They lift the pics from somewhere and then list whatever it is on many sites as a great deal trying to catch a fish. I remember when I was commuting to downtown Los Angeles from my home for work - because of the traffic it was a mind bending journey every day. So I started looking for a part time guest house or room to rent close to my office. You wouldn’t believe the number of times I’d run into a great place, great deal in a perfect area. problem was I was running into that same location in a variety of areas. My first time running into such a thing - but as I said I realized they were lifted pics trying to catch a fish. Wasn’t going to be me - but after I learned the game a little I had some fun with the POS.

Glad to hear the Charger is ready for Carlisle - Enjoy and good luck with the judges! She’s a beauty.
I'm from BC Canada but I travel to Calgary often, and I have seen your Step Dad's new Charger (formerly Penny's) up close and personal a few times over the decades.
It is one of the finest examples I myself and many others have ever seen.... that Car is literally "perfect' and an absolutely stunning example of the genre.... a reference example.
Your step dad has made a very wise acquisition.... because legacy Charger's of that type of family owned provenance and quality of care/restoration(it was well cared for even prior) are indeed a very rare find.... enjoy it !
First ever show with the car today since getting it and just driving it around waiting for some local shows to go to, and look what we got :thumbsup:......

charger bos.jpg
Congratulations Eric! You guys cleaned up at the show yesterday.