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Need help! Weiand 6bbl intake does NOT fit under my 70 N96 hood. Options?

Well it's a good thing I put the Edelbrock 6bbl intake and carbs back on, so I could move the Roadrunner.
From seeing lots of lawn and grass with puddles in places at midnight, by 3:45 AM I saw this coming: These pictures were taken about 2½ hours after I moved it.

So I moved my Roadrunner here:

Now the water has gone down about a foot, and hopefully it won't come up again, but the car is going to stay on the driveway ramp for now. I'd rather it get rained on than water in it. Fortunately, the car has never flooded.
Given how weak this storm was, the track it took was the absolute worst possible, putting my house on the east eye wall and quadrant.
Instead of having to have my car in the rain to keep it out of flood waters, I'm going to see if I can find someplace safe to bring it in case I have to move it again.
There are a couple of safe places I can bring it, but they are all outside.
Yeah, I can see my lawn again.
I'm glad I got a close call "warning" instead of a slightly stronger storm on the same track, because that would have been bad news.
I'm going to have to see what options I have for the Roadrunner that is an indoor, secure location, but in the meantime, no more guessing, I'm taking it up the road about 20 minutes away to my Mopar buddy's house. It may get rained on, and I do have a car cover, but it won't flood, because that would be heartbreaking.
That way we can use the ramp for our 2 daily drivers.
Oh I am sure you need a car lift... that would give you about 8 or so feet (at least this is the excuse I would use...).
Oh I am sure you need a car lift... that would give you about 8 or so feet (at least this is the excuse I would use...).
Actually we plan on a 3 stall garage, the kind that looks like this:

The center stall will have a Bendpack or similar 2 post lift.
The problem with a lift, to put a car on in floodwaters, is if the lift floods, and won't lower, then what?
It's a part of living on the water...the bad part.
It would cost as much as we paid for the lot and house to raise the house another 5 feet, and I can't afford to have that garage 10 feet off the ground either. We still have a 2nd classic car to deal with if a bad storm takes that track.
I appreciate the advice though!
Got it, I was just trying to bring a little levity to a serious situation, I have no doubt that you have thought through all of the options, again stay safe.
Glad the worst is behind you and that you, your family and your car are all safe.

When Mother Nature gets pissed, we all need to scurry and run!