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Need to pull the front apart on my 440.

Henderson La. This morning and making our way to San Antonio.
Not to far left to go but have to unload 26ft. Of U haul lol.
My brother stopped at my place and was looking at my engine, he also is not seeing any odd gear wear on the cam and pump drive.
so I will order a new chain and gear set , to arrive about when I do back home.
Soak it in oil and install, new water pump just because.
We will see what it sounds like.
this thing lasted for 4 yrs. At this point I'm going to blame the comp chain and gear set.
Well we got home from our trip.
I put the front of engine together this weekend.
New chain and gears, intake set ect.
Fired the old girl up and the noise is gone.
So, it was I think the comp chain and gear set ? That is the only parts changed and that seems to have fixed it.
Still has real good oil pressure and the valve train is oiled good.
So we will see what happens. Lol.
Did you notice any stuck links or any thing odd? Nice to hear it's fixed!
Did you notice any stuck links or any thing odd? Nice to hear it's fixed!
Fran, I can not find a thing wrong with that set.
I have not spun each roller but it looks good, gears have no odd wear ect.
But it was not going back in lol.
The battery powered stethoscope is back at the shop.
I'm going to grab it tomarrow and have another listen to the timing cover.
See how close the sound is to the other set.
My brother swears it was some bad vaccum leak. ( he could be right ) I did spray brake clean around the carb base and intake with no change.
I may never know unless it happens again
We will see what happens.