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Feb 4, 2023
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Brooklyn NY
Just got myself into a 74 Roadrunner that was born a 360 4spd but now has a 318 auto....im also getting a 383 with the car that needs a rebuild and this is where the conundrum comes into play. Should i pick up a 360 for it and maybe got to a 408 with or rebuild and possibly stroke out the 383? Also the A833 for it are expensive and i cant even do the 18 spline (because of the year...a 70 or cuda i would splurge on) The cars already not numbers matching but i never thought id be able to find a goid B body again that was afforadable. I could also go 340 but ince again those motors are privy and i can squeeze alot out of a 360 that would be respectable. Sorry to rant but would like to here thoughts and advice. FYI the car does run and drive....but definitely needs some metal work done on the quarters and floorpans so i have time while thats getti g done to really look into what i wanna do with the motor/transmission setup. The things im hardcore about is that it goes back to being a manual. Thank for any help.

Here is some advice. Load up some pictures :lol:
Welcome from CT.:xscuseless:
If the crank on the 383 needs grinding and you need to over bore the cylinders a stroker would be my choice. Bigger makes the fun pedal funner.:lol:
360 4 speed can't be too common.
I've only seen one.

If it were me, I'd go back with 4 speed (possibly OD) but I'd put in a 5.9 Magnum.

Let's see it.
Welcome, I would drive and enjoy it as is. Take your time looking for parts. You find better deals when your not in a rush to get them. Personally I would go with a 360 4 speed. That combo makes your car unique. Any way you go, you will probably the only 74 Road Runner at any local car show you go to.
Welcome from Alabama, it's your, but for the extra seat of the pants feel, build the 383, but on the other hand a 360 4-speed is unique and rare. So for originality you may want to go that route.
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Welcome from NY.
Start another thread with your questions in the correct category of the forum
Welcome to FBBO from western NY!

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