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FOR SALE NOT MINE! 68 Sport Satellite Hardtop for sale in South Mississippi

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Mar 28, 2014
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South Louisiana
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A close friend told me about this car but I'm so broke I can't even pay attention...
Ocean Springs MS (near the Gulf of Mexico)
NO dash VIN tag.
Fender tag looks original and legit to me. RP23 = 1968 Sport Satellite Hardtop. NO TITLE, Bill of Sale available, and I'm not familiar with what it will take to get a title or if it's possible. Last sale was to current owner's dad around 2001.
Reportedly ran 10.9s in the ¼ mile, no nitrous. 440 in pic is full of water. Likely 8¾ rear axle. Floor pan is there, but will likely need repair. Trunk floor condition unknown.
I'm only posting because I know about this car being available and I thought it may be something someone would be interested in. When he thought it was a Roadrunner, he was asking $7k, but he has accepted my judgment that it's a Sport Satellite and asked me what I think it's worth which I didn't say, but I told him more about the car and asked some questions.
If anyone is seriously interested, PM me and I can give you his phone number.
That’s sweet. Too bad it’s a few thousand miles away. Kim
I know you are familiar with the market and so on for older original stuff.
I think it was well suited for a drag strip car, and still is given its (lack of) documentation story and it having already been set up and used as a track car.
IF I had the extra money, I would probably grab it for that purpose.
I cannot make out a thing on that fender tag, do you have a breakdown of it?
I cannot make out a thing on that fender tag, do you have a breakdown of it?
I don't have ANY specifics other than I could clearly see the RP23, as I posted in the car's description, on the bottom left hand corner, and once we saw that it is a Sport Satellite, that is where the interest ended.
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