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Old toys you have on the shelf

This is some of my comic book collection. All in ring binders and labeled.

comic shelf2.jpg

comic shelf1.jpg

Where's the MFP cars from?

While I have hundreds of comic books and hundreds of baseball cards, still, I gave most away. The ones that are big dollars will be going soon. The two things that I can't part with are my steiff bear and rabbit. I have a picture somewhere of me holding them looking over the rail of the ship that brought us here. My grandmother gave them to me as we left. The small elephant in the bottom picture on the left was carved by my father on the way over here on the ship and his tusks are a ring from one of my pacifiers cut and inserted. One clock my son made and the other is from my wife's family.
20220915_121036 (1).jpg

I think I remember those and them being $$$$.
I was digging through the shop to move and make room for more **** and found this! it's a .40 gas powered RC GT40 from about 1969! my aunt gave it to me when I was old enough to know how to get it fired up! you know how they say you could kill a moose with the old toys, this thing with a steel plate chassis would. I use to run it in police station parking lot up the street and had those boys dancing across the lot!


found a couple turbos too! maybe the 5.7 rebuild for the magnum r/t needs these!
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