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Old toys you have on the shelf

When I was a kid, my aunt worked at Whites 5&10. A little department store in Illinois. Every birthday and Christmas, she would get me Matchbox and Hot Wheels. I had every Hot Wheel from the first year and the following five in various colors. My younger sister decided to sell them at a rummage sale she had, and never even asked me. I still have 15 of the original Hot Wheels first couple years and 30 Matchbox from the earlier 60’s. At one time long after this, I had about 2500-3000 die cast and unbuilt models, mostly Mopars in 2 display rooms in my basement. I sold most of them when we moved here. Knowing I wouldn’t have the room to properly store or display them. One guy from Chicago bought all of them. I still buy the unique limited editions once in a while. The gear head thing, starts young.
My Christmas toy haul from 1970. I was a 6 year old car nut in 70
Note funny car pics on back wall.
Photo gallery from Hot rod magazines mounted on wood with clear finish. My mom used to make them.

I have tons of Lionel and some others. From 1918 and up, but I like the older for sure. Have my metal TONKA dump truck too. Sorry no pics right now, that would require me to get up.
Cool group of toy cars
I got that same red dune buggy at the front of your picture and it is still around

Do you have any of yours still around ?

I have my dads unused,kept in the box 7 up tether car, my tonka toys , dozer, dump and loader..I put the tether car on display. I recall playing with a very old erector set and blue metal motorcycle cop that were both my uncles toys when they were young.. I wish I knew where they went.
No, I probably blew them up with firecrackers or set them on fire. I still have a SSP demolition derby set with 57 ford/chevy

Cool group of toy cars
I got that same red dune buggy at the front of your picture and it is still around

Do you have any of yours still around ?

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Some of these are old toys, some are models.
I’ve got a collecting addiction, so it doesn’t take much to get me going starting yet another collection. I have model cars dating back to being a kid in the ‘70s. You can imagine all the Mopar cars I’ve accumulated over the years!
I’ve been an engineer for Navistar (International Trucks) for over 10 years, so yet another collection ensued, International trucks from vintage toys to models of current products.
Is there a 12 step program for this?

Here’s some more. Some of my Mopar collection, and some more trucks!


I went looking for my little red dune buggy and have not come across it yet
Found a bunch of my old metal toys
I have a green back hoe loader tractor that matches the bull dozer and grader but it is up on a beam in the basement ceiling and a little hard to reach at the moment
The red and white truck came later on in life as a free bee from the farm corn seed salesman

Wow, there are many items that bring up brilliant memories of years past. What I’m adding to this show and tell is one of those great products that kids would use with wild abandonment. Hells Bells we learned to dodge eminent danger.

Today’s parents would have their children clad in safety glasses, helmets and knee pads when they fell to the ground.




I don't have any pics but I have a HO AFX race set with a bunch of extra track. A Erector Set, a Get Away Chase Game (sold through DX stations), a few pieces of Tonka construction equipment, a pick up with a boat on a trailer, and a half dozen pieces of farm equipment. Mostly Tru-Scale with a couple John Deere pieces thrown in.
I had the Mattel M-16.
But this FURY F-500 continued fire battery magazine cap Tommy gun is freaking awesome!!



I was a military brat, we moved allot, saw allot but saved very little... One of my dads rules before we moved to Europe in 69 was each kid could have a 5 lb allotment for toys.... Coming back to the US from Turkey in 73 that was still the rule...
ok here's maybe a tenth ... 1 piece is one of the ones that saved Lionel in the depression, another is just really hard to lay your hands on. The N gauge looking trains are actually Christmas ornaments, my wife gets me more every year.





Oh man... old toys and model cars! Love that stuff, but man...I have some catching up to do with you guys!
Still have all my Matchboxes from the mid 60s- to early 70s - plus quite a few here and there since - as well as my original Hot Wheels from 68 up til the early to mid 70s, again with maybe another 2 or 300 off and on since. Several dozen Dinky, Corgi etc from the same time. Have most of my model kits and promo models from the late 60s to late 70s, plus score of 43rd scale stuff from the 80s. However... I had a metric tonne of Buddy L, Tonka etc metal stuff from the early 60s til the early 70s. Note the past tense of the verb. It was all pretty cherry too. AND a load of tractors and farm equipment that was given to my Godfather when he bought equipment; his kids were too old for it, so I got them all.
But... gee, hit 13, get a motorcycle and suddenly you are way too cool for that stuff and need the space in your closet for other stuff... so the vast mmajority of my big metal stuff was donated to an orphanage my family supported.
Of course, now I have been slowly replacing some of it... :)
Couple of pics of a couple of things on shelves...



have NO idea why the lines thru the text... :(
I have some. Not as many as once upon a time though.





Some old, some new. I've run out of space at the moment. Currently hunting for a couple more vintage show cases.
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Ok, now this thread is starting to feel like "antiquing" with my wife. So much for this place allowing me to escape lol...
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