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Old toys you have on the shelf

Wow! Some of you guys have some real antiques, pretty cool..
Much like the cars I wish I still had, I wish I'da kept all those original-run Star Wars and GI Joes....oh well.
I still have this guy, since the 80s!

All of my 1962 GI joes, his jeep, space capsule( I even still have the record that came with it), and a few other accessories, train n turnpike set, circa 1964, and original 64 Mustang Dealer 2+2 car in original, but weathered, box.
I would have had a shitload more but a few months after my mom died, I pulled up to our house after work and all my childhood stuff from the attic was lined up out on the curb for the trash man. My dad said he was 'cleaning up', one of the few times he and I really clashed. He was the best parent a boy could have with a couple exceptions, this being one of those times. Anyone remember the green ghost game? I had a mint one that is in the landfill now. Life sucks sometimes but sure beats the alternative!
I have Dad's Lionels, and my late Uncle Jim's Lionel and Marx trains along with mine.

Dads 1684 and CV.JPG

Dads Prewara.JPG

I still have my Aurora HO T-jet slot cars, a bunch of tracks, and pit kits. Plus HO trains. All in boxes. Hmmm... maybe time to open up dem boxes.
I collect vintage model cars.
Mostly original issue 1950s and 1960s cars/
I have pretty much at least one of each everything for 1958, 1959, 1960 and most of the 61 and later annuals up thru approx 1971 or so .

Shown is original issue 1960 Ford Sunliner, and my 1959 Edsel convertible and a 1960 Lincoln conv
and this isnt a scratch on my stash both built and builders / builtups



I still have all of my toys as a kid. Tonka trucks, hot wheels, matchbox cars, model cars and planes, slot cars and tracks, HO trains and tracks, old Atari 2600, Caleco, Nintendo games, action figures, monsters, dinosaurs, Star Wars, board games etc. My kids all played with them in addition to their own toys and I now have a 3rd grand child on the way in Feb. Now the grandchildren will all play with them also.

Terminator action figure that belonged to my nephew, it spent years zip tied to the grille of my work truck. Now he’s in charge of shop security.

A bunch of Matchbox size wing cars and one Micro Machine…


A friction car from my dad’s childhood.
You learned about rebuilding early on. With those covered wagons, I'm sure we crossed paths when I was was hauling furnace dust out of the steel mills with my bulk tanker. Just retired in September. Did a lot of work out in and out of Coatesville, when the mill was owned by Arcelor-Mittal.
Been to Coatsville a few times hauling those 50' slabs on a 45' trailer with a bulkhead and hoping Barney left his tape measure at home. I stay closer to home these days usually complaining if I have to go past Lordstown Oh.
I always had a few Hot Wheels laying around...

I merged some of the old ones with some of the newer ones and have way too many now...

A couple years back I got into customizing them and creating ones that were never produced...

The 4 pics are recreations of a friends local 38 Chevy gasser...




These are a few of the "customs" I built...

Keep in mind now these are 1/64th renderings of real cars so the pics make them look a little rough to match those cars...

The last 8 or so pics are of baseline cars that had wheel swaps and were converted to being Gassers or just lowered and had large slicks added...


Chevy 1.JPG








They're not on the shelf but in a box at the moment. I should have it up around the tree, maybe next year! There's lots more than what's pictured here. I also have Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and slot cars boxed up too.
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My dad had a lot of HO model trains, good memories until my mom said when the times were hard " Felipe, what little train are we going to eat today" my fad was not please of course.
Not a toy,but a cool 1920s novelty collector salesman sample,ashtray,paperweight from the Kernerator incinerator company.







I have this on the shelf. My first race car was actually a 1966 Barracuda, but ironically this toy was not mine. It belonged to my wife. I know it is old by the skinny tires.



Trust me when I say that I have WAY too many toys.

In my garage.

In my attic.



And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
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