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Opinions on 440 setup

Reading the responses with great interest as I have a very similar build with headers. I haven't purchased a carb yet but looking at 780 or 850 Quick Fuel with vacuum secondaries. :popcorn:
780 with Torker and air grabber is my current set up
I would use the 750 Carter & keep the Holley for a door stop.
The sec operation of the Carter is ingenious [ which is why Edel copied it ] , unchanged since it's 1957 intro. Unknown & [ misunderstood ] by many, the AFB is a mechanical sec carb. When the pedal is pushed to WOT, all four barrels go to WOT. Because of the velocity valves in the sec bores, air flow is blocked so that no flat spot occurs with the sudden opening of the t/blades. There is a 'starter' or low speed cct built into the sec venturiis that gets initial fuel flowing so that once air speed is high enough to pull the v/valves to the open position, there is a seemless transition to the main cct.
I'd use the vacuum operated Holley and leave the 750 Carter (or "Eddy" equilivant) for a door stop. The Holley will react according to demand imposed....smoothly, without hesitation or stumble.....just my opinion of course....
I'm rebuilding the 750 Holley for it. I also decided to buy a performer RPM intake for it.

Any guesses of the crank horsepower?

Someone might recognize this same question from facebook, sorry about that. Just interested in opinions of the setup on my 440 engine as I'm new to engine modifications. It was built by someone else. It's got 1200miles after the build. Heard it did 12.2s on a Challenger. I'm probably going to install it to a Coronet sedan with 727 auto with slight modifications, 2500 stall converter IIRC and a 3.55 rear. It's going to be mainly street driven. Going to use the Rick Ehrenberg distributor with MSD Blaster SS coil and HEI ignition module.

440 HP block
Scat connecting rods
Comp cams 21-231-4 camshaft
Keith black KB236-030 pistons
Ported 452 heads with some edelbrock valves
10.4:1 CR
HP exhaust manifolds
Everything balanced.

What carburetor would you recommend? I have 750 Carter AFB and 750 vacuum secondary Holley on the shelf. Or does it need bigger? I also have an Edelbrock Torker II and a CH28 dual quad intakes, but I'm open for better options. What oil, healthy oil pressure, max rpm etc?
Years ago I put a comp cam in a 440, 525/305 H. 800 alcohol holley, 4500 stall. It ran great on the dragstrip. I spun the motor to 8 grand at gateway in Madison Illinois.
I would try both carbs and see which one I liked best might even get a new or rebuilt thermoquad and try it
I would try both carbs and see which one I liked best might even get a new or rebuilt thermoquad and try it
I get asked this question many times, as do most drag racers!

What carb and what manifold under it?

If I'm gonna street driving my Mopar with a 440ci then 500cfm two barrel is fine.

When I go to the track its gotta be a 1050 Domi and the best manfiold in my collection...

If you think of a sixpack set-up that pootles around on a 350cfm two barrel then everything else is overkill...

But I have a CH28 with two 750 Carter race carbs on it and think that is the dog nuts...:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Carter 750.jpg

Carter 750.jpg
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Update: Bought the Performer RPM. Waiting for new valley pan and gaskets. Also needs some orange paint. Should I gasket match the intake or leave it as is? (The heads are gasket matched/ported)
I'll have to think about the carburetors. New one's are quite expensive here so I'll probably use the one's I have. For the dual quad, I have two identical 600CFM Edelbrocks.

Will the stock dual snorkel air cleaner fit undet the hood with the torker or performer rpm intake for example? I would like to make it appear as stock as possible if I decide not to use the dual quads.
A Coronet sedan usually comes with a flat hood.
You can test fit the RPM intake with the carb and air cleaner installed to see if the hood will close.
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