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Opinions on white rump stripes and white hood?

White stripe? Yes

White hood? I don’t think it would be a good look. But then again, what do I know?
And, Dog dishes look great on your GTX Sheep, I think they looked terrible on my 69, I wished I had tried TT on it.

TT have been done 10,000 times for a reason. Back in the day guys spent money to IMPROVE the look of their dog dish cars. I don't hate Dog Dish, it's just they don't have to be on everything.
I agree with you. When I got into Mopars in the late 70's the first thing my friends and I did was try to find some mags to make the cars look better. More than one of my group had to resort to running mismatched mags because any mag was better than stock to us. I like mags of several types. If I was going to run some, I would probably go with Cragar SS's because that's what I wanted, but couldn't afford, back in the day and I like chrome. To each his own, but this late in the game, all wheel and wheel cover combos have pretty much been done (maybe overdone) many times before. That is probably one reason we are seeing bigger wheels and low profile tires more and more.
I dunno, perhaps the car culture was different up here in the early seventies, but in my experience the heavy hitters took off the stock wheels and put Center Lines on. Wide weenies on the back, skinnies on the front. The ones that were after style put on road wheels or Magnum 500’s.
Red rear stripe maybe red accent hood like a red stripe with engine callout or..........?
Red stripe? maybe. I’m doing steel wheels, I would entertain aluminum slots if the right set came along. The TT’s are nice wheels but like stated above way over done