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painted rims


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Mar 13, 2024
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Sorry you all, another newbie questions but i cant find the answer. Rims are painted colors of cars is that aftermarket? or was coded on fender tags? If factory, what determined what cars got it? I've seen mostly Plymouth. Just trying to understand.

thank you
It’s not coded on the fender tag. My understanding is that cars with dog dishes had the wheels painted body color, cars with full wheel covers had the wheels painted black.
My dad ran Mopars exclusively from 1954 until 1973, both dog dish and full wheel covers. The dog dish wheels were always body color, wheel cover cars had black wheels. Got to observe the covered wheels bare when we took them off to mount snow tires every fall.
In 1971 Chrysler stopped painting the wheels body color. All steel wheels except for the rallye wheels were painted black.
For about the same cost of painting rims, you could have them powder coated. This is a lot more durable, and many colours available.
We see all these 1971 cars with their goofy body colored wheels and dork dish hubcaps, and they didn't come that way from the factory.
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