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Pics from Back in the Day

I’ve thought the same. Seems like every year they look younger and younger
Its not just you.
First, youre getting older... ;) But mainly its because they WERE more mature and harder - had to be. Life was tougher then and you had to 'grow up' and get tough earlier.
Also, there wasn't a 'youth culture' , so they dressed and acted more adult. But mostly it was because they were tougher.
Years ago, I went to the 'school department' offices in the little town where I graduated high school, doing a small bit of research for an article. Whilst there, i saw stacks of annuals, so i perused them... I noticed the same thing; my 'class' - 78 - looked older and more mature than 88, and 98 looked like second graders. 48 made 'us' look like little kids. Im sure - even as young as you are Mr Cheapsunglasses, that you would notice the same thing. Give it a few years and the trend will reverse given the way things are going... :(
OK...back to something more enjoyable, albeit maybe a few years too 'new' for this thread...
Life would have been easier for me back then if I'd been a charger guy. Wife always told me she was attracted to me in spite of what I drove. My 1960 Chrysler 300F was the one exception, and she never let me have another one, probably because I quit my corporate job after I sold it.
May your good luck hold in keeping her clear of optometrists.
A few more from a life time ago. When I use to hang around the oil patches of Alberta and BC.

off to work.jpg

at work.jpg
That hourly wage in 1966 in today’s cash is around $28/hour. Not adding the nice bene’s. Enjoyed a pension plan for about five years before it was nuked back in ’85. Was making a crap salary; but the plan accumulated near 19 grand. Know a few who are living pretty wealthy off their pensions.
I was earning $2.00/hr. in 1969 at Canadian Timken in St. Thomas, Ontario. Renting an apartment with a buddy, and bought a new SuperBee. Our $ was about par with U.S. $, back then.