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Preferred left door mirror placement (HDTP)?

493 Mike

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Dec 25, 2011
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White Cloud, MI
Hi fellas.
I see the drivers door mirror either mounted toward the front on the door or about 1/3 of the way back to the rear. Mine measures 31 1/8" from the rear of the door to the rear mirror screw hole. What does everyone prefer? I have time to weld up my screw holes before paint so I am looking for experience. Was there a "correct" position at assembly (not in FSM) or did it vary by plant location.
3 things to add

1) It depends on what year the car is for factory placement.

2) You should be measuring from the front of the door so 2 door and 4 door measurements will be The same.

3) plant does not matter.

66-67 mounts forward so you look through the wing window to see the mirror.

68-70 mounts behind the wing frame so you look through the side window to see the mirror.

I prefer the 66-67 forward mounting so I don’t have to turn my head as far to see the mirror. Both sides are like this. Which makes the right mirror almost no good for the driver, you cannot see down the side of the right side body
See my posts about the unmolested factory mounting on my 67 wagon if you are looking for a factory application.

It is in the exact same relative location as the driver's side.

I agree about the forward mounting being much easier on the neck and eyes when checking mirrors.

With the 66/67 location your eyes barely leave the road.

With the 68-70 location they are gone for what seems like a very long time.
I have a 65 Belvedere 2 DRHT and the mirror is currently in the rear position. I looked at 65 pictures online and I noticed the convertibles had the rear mounting while most HRDTs were using the forward position. Does anyone here have a mirror in the rearward position and does it function to your satisfaction? Thanks.