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Questions about taking off the trim for my new vinyl top. '69 Charger.


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9:06 PM
May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
I peeled off my old vinyl top. It was in really bad shape. It came off with ease, of course until it got to the edges where the vinyl is actually under the chrome trim. Is the trim popped on or screwed on from the back? Do I need the little trim tool that is part putty knife and part hook?

I'm going to sand down the metal under the top with 80 grit to get rid f the remaining glue bumpiness. My new top has arrived and I know they say set it out in the warm sun to get rid of the creases. Our problem is summer hasn't arrived in Colorado yet. (I'm not complaining I love being in the 70's.) I may have to use a hair dryer. We might get summer next week.

Any advice is welcome here as I don't want to bend up my trim pieces.

Just as a matter of general interest, my car is silver with a black vinyl top and a blue leather interior. The roof under the top seems to be mostly light red primer with the silver sprayed around the edges for about 3 inches.
Get a piece of 1X3 and tap it off with a hammer from the underside. It's even easier when the weatherstrip retaining molding is off.
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