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Retrosound Center Dash Speaker Install


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Sep 30, 2020
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I'm trying to mount this guy into the 72 Charger without taking off the dash. I've got a cap on the dash, which overlaps the speaker grill and it looks like the grill can't be pulled without removing the dash. I'm pretty sure I'll end up removing the dash, but if I go that route I'm in extreme danger of "project expansion." If I have to pull the dash I'll end up replacing it with a repro, and if I take out the economy instrument cluster it may be a fancy one with a tach that goes back in, if that's possible. Probably needs a different wiring harness so you can see how this is mushrooming into a huge job.

I bought Retrosound's mounting kit for this speaker, but I don't see how it helps -


What would that bracket bolt too?
I have a 67 so I'm not sure how similar they are. I put a retrosound in mine as well. I pulled out the glove box and had access to everything i needed. For mine, on top of the dash there is the grate/cover piece (speaker is under it) which has a bolt going down on each corner. The four bolts lined up with the for holes you can see in your speaker. I placed the grill, pushed the speaker up into place and tightened it down with the for nuts that were holding the grate in place.

Again, could be completely different with your car...and maybe its not the correct way to do it. But, its solid and sounds good...and I didn't have to take the dash out. I didn't use any separate mounting bracket. And I'm pretty sure that strap bracket with holes is for the backside of your stereo. Gets bent into an L shape, there should be a picture of it in your manual to give you an idea
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Hi all, going to install an OEM clock in the 77 Cordoba. Looked thru all my manuals and can’t find any info on R&R dash pad. My guess is both sides, glovebox, ash tray and gauges ? I’ll have to look for a Interior manual
Im not familiar with a '72, but on a '68, you would probably need to take out the glove box and heater box, and probably the radio itself, maybe the heater control to have access to that speaker. No reason to take out the instrument panel or the dash pad. Oh yeah, if it has a console, that has to come out too, probably the passenger seat too, to give you some working room.
The speaker grill has to come off to pull the dash so you will have to get it off. That speaker looks like it needs to be installed from underneath to clear properly.
The speaker grill has to come off to pull the dash so you will have to get it off. That speaker looks like it needs to be installed from underneath to clear properly.

I'm sure this is the correct answer for 72. I took the dash pad off when I put the cap on, but for the life of me I can't recall how I got the four bolts at the base of the windshield off (or back on). A regular socket won't fit there, but I don't have a 1/4" deep socket.
Sounds like the "project expansion" could yield some sweet results.

Yeah, it would also be sweet to convert to manual (although I can't drive stick, got to learn sometime!) and a modern HEMI - but you have to draw the line somewhere or the project never gets done.
For those I just use a nut driver.
Do you have a 1/4" swivel and extension? One of my favorite tools is my 1/4" swivel sockets and 2' extension.

I've got the screws at the bottom of the windshield removed, and the heater box, radio, glove compartment, driver's side under dash vent, and the instrument cluster is almost out. This bulb socket with the orange wire (I'm assuming that's a light bulb) is stuck in place good. Before I "use the force" on it, let me run this by you guys for options to not "use the force" on it. What motion removes this part, and what is likely to be sticking it in place? Should I shoot some penetrating oil around it?
Trace it back and it might be plugged into the harness with a bullet connector and you might be able to disconnect it there. That bulb socket should just pop out.
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Got the light socket out. I've now removed 3 of the speed nuts along the top/front of the dash pad. I'm working on a fourth that is just spinning in place.

Is there any good reason to keep using speed nuts? They look like they were invented to save .005 cents on the cost of a regular nut Chrysler could get for 1 cent.
Now that I've got the dash apart again, it's time to add air conditioning, isn't it?

See how things spiral out of control. The rear speaker install was like this too. All I wanted to do was bolt in some speakers, and I ended up painting a trunk.