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Said to me at the car show...

I always seem to get the question, aren't you to old for a car like that?
My 65 Impala coupe got a lot of questions. Kids always enjoyed sitting in it and feeling the whole car wobble with the big block idling. Very loud too. Always got the question, " How do you park this boat?" "Easy, it's so huge it scares all the lesser cars away leaving a free space!" People ask dumb questions, usually because they don't know about cars and feel compelled to participate somehow. They use what little tidbit they know, like, maybe if they have heard of a big block 440 they will ask if that's a 440 in there. Never mind that it's a Chevy car..lol... I always try to be patient with them. I'm just glad they came to the show and seem interested at all.

The nicest thing ever said to me about my car was from a little old lady, while I was at the post office. She came over and walked around the car, staring intensely at it. Then she came over to me and said “This car is beautiful! Is it brand new?”
The biggest thing I get constantly asked or should I say proclaimed about my 69 Coronet 440 is when they see it they are always "man that's got a real 440 in it ? " because of the way the designers decided to make the emblem look like an engine call out instead of prior years and when I explain no that is the model of the car but it does have a 383 which is rare as they only made 3136 - 2 door hardtops with this engine they seem let down that its not a 440.
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Having a 65 coronet 440 I get it all the time, "I bet it runs with a 440 in it". When I open the hood, they stare at the engine and then at the emblem, then back at the engine. It's now a 5.7 which only adds too the confusion. It's fun and I enjoy the questions and the time people take to learn or take a trip back with a story they want to share.
Like I've mentioned approximately 12,923 times here on FBBO, I've owned my car a long-*** time. Whenever I run across an old USAF crewdawg I knew from my flying days, I'll get the question "Hey, Patrick, howyadoin', man? You still have that old yellow Dodge?" I smile and say "Hell, yeah, I'll die with that car!"...and if the car is where I am, I'll happily offer them a ride. Brings back great memories not just for me.

I was a year and a half out of high school when I acquired the Coronet. Now, I'm eyeballing retirement. She is still a part of my life. Driving this is such a relaxing experience about 99.7% of the time. Just going out to my shop and sitting in it relaxes me.

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Well, I am old. I'm going to by 73 in Sep.

I wanted to buy a '68 RR new when I was 18.

Uncle Sam got in the way and I got drafted.
In March of 1997 I finally got my '68 RR.

Still enjoying it,
I remember being at a local cruise night with my freshly restored 1964 Dodge Polara 500 convertible. A couple of guys were looking it over from stem to stern. The one guy came over to me and said, " This is a very nice restoration. Too bad it's such an ugly car.".



Yeah, ain't that the truth! :)
I remember being at a local cruise night with my freshly restored 1964 Dodge Polara 500 convertible. A couple of guys were looking it over from stem to stern. The one guy came over to me and said, " This is a very nice restoration. Too bad it's such an ugly car.".

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Here's one,
Many moons ago my father picked up a 64 500 convert, mid restoration. I got it running etc. Red with black guts.
One day he says, I'm selling it. Your mother thinks those 64s were ugly. Damn that's too bad I thought.

About 20 yrs later the whole family is at our big provincial mopar show and my kids ask me what's my favorite car there. I said the beautiful white 64 convert. Your grandpa had one.
About 20 min later they come running back
"Uh Dad, that WAS grandpa's car!!"
I have gotten the comment about how big my 66 Satellite is too, and quite honestly when I look at it, it does look huge. Until I park it next to my new 300c. I think the lines and the look of the older cars definitely make them look bigger than they are. I would have guessed the 66 was considerably bigger but next to it, it certainly is not (now I know the 300 of today isnt a small car either)
At a show couple years ago couple of teenagers asked if they could sit in my 63 Fury and take photos. They were Christine fans and no late 50’s Plymouths to be had at the show. Another time at a gas station, happened more than once with folks, an older guy walks around the car asking what year it was (the year is on the plates) then sees Plymouth across the hood. He asked “Plymouth huh? Who made that car?” I said Pontiac. He was a nice guy and I was compelled to tell him the mfg – but – then I thought why? It will never mean jack squat to him anyway.
Not necessarily at car shows because I didn’t take the GTX to many - but at gas stations, parking lots, even people peeking in my garage etc, etc …. Hey, wow that’s a really sweet GTO….. And countless people never heard of a Plymouth. The first few hundred times it was funny but I had long since given up explaining…… What they don’t know won’t hurt them….
Had a really nice 70 383 Challenger that I bought from the original owner in 1980 and kept it for nearly 20 years and man, got tired of people calling it a Camaro. Started saying to people that the word Camaro was speeeeeeeled with 7 letters and not 10 and had no 'h' or an 'l' or an e, n, g. They usually just walked off. Sometimes I just said I see you never learned to read. Also had people ask me who made Plymouth when they saw my 66 Belvedere.....before I removed the lettering.
I hear it all the time, "too bad it's not a 440", "nice Chevelle ", or a favorite- "nice touch with the cartoon character stickers, my kids like it"
69 Roadrunner B5, black vinyl top, blue interior, bench 4spd. The #s engine is safely stored in the shop, and it's currently on it's 5th iteration of power plants. Seems as soon as I build one somebody offers up stupid money for it. Currently has a +30 383, 11.5, Lunati cam,Weiand 8008, hand ported old 906 heads, TTI headers. Totally old school and sounds it. It dyno'd at 472 hp.
It's more impressive when they hear it run, but I also hear" sounds kind of rough"