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Shock absorbers


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Dec 31, 2012
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Gents, looking to replace the shocks on my '70 Super Bee. It's a stock car, 383, 4 speed, that I drive under normal conditions which means that I don't "horse" it around. What shocks do you recommend as replacements that will give me a good solid ride and where would I find them?
Summit drag shocks - they have 3 settings. Reasonable price. Summit Racing.
Bilsteins. PST.

That's what I used on 69 charger. No complaints at all. Much better ride.
Bilsteins. PST.

This is what and where I did a few months ago and what a huge difference it made, of course my old shocks where 20 years old and shot.
PST has discounts for members, great to deal with.
Bilsteins. PST.

I agree here. I ran KYBs for years thinking that they were a decent shock. When I finally pulled my head from my butt, I bought a set of Bilsteins from Firm Feel. They are not cheap but they are a nice improvement. They ride smooth on bumpy roads but firm up when the road gets twisty.
No complaints from my KYBs. I have tall sidewalls that soak up a lot of the small bumps. Bilsteins would be better for the 17 inch and up wheel with low profile tires. They are about $100 each from any vendor even with discounts.
PST usually has a sale on stuff a few time a year. I bought my Bilsteins and front suspension parts then ... also FBBO members get 10% off orders of $200 or more

also free shipping on my order

Put your FBBO member and username in the note of the order

details see James in the PST forum

Details on member discount and the new years sale from last year:

Start the New Year in confidence knowing that your muscle car can take on the sharpest if curves as well as the straight a ways. Keep your tires firmly planted with one of PST's front end kits.

Sale now extended through January 12th with free shipping within the US (48 States)


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Thanks tallhair and all you other guys who responded. I'll call PST today. They're $30 cheaper for the set than Firm Feel.