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Should i replace or roll the dice

I've got a Challenger that hasn't been driven on the road for at least the last ten years; the tires are probably 10-15+ years old and look to be in PERFECT condition. I went into my shop the other day, to discover that a tire had gone flat. Upon examining it, I discovered that the belts had separated and torn apart! So, apparently tires WILL go bad even when not used much and protected from direct UV light!
I have had three tires literally blow up,on non-running cars, from the heat here in Arizona. They were old tires, but still! Tires completely blown apart, not just a tread sep.
I have a set of tires currently on my car. Cooper Cobras. 3000 miles on them 10 years old. They still look like new, only issue is. When I was checking the tire pressure I noticed hairline cracks in the tread. Sidewalls are fine. Only small cracks on the tread. Ive read that the tread could separate. True? I barley use car anymore and when I do 50mph is the fastest I go and I usually limit my driving to shows within an hour ride. Is this something to be concerned about or am i just worrying for no reason? Not a big deal to replace them but why spend money needlessly. Got a feeling you all are going to say replace. Thanks in advance for responses.
Another for replace.....
This isn't the first time I've seen a separation, back in the 70's & 80's Firestone was well known for them
A certain amount of them were soccer moms getting their first 4x4 suv and didn't like the 4x4 ride so they would lower the pressured to get a smoother ride.
Lol. Sounds like a buddy of mine. He waits till the cords are sticking out before getting another tire from the salvage yard. Been doing that since we got our licenses 40 years ago. Cheap bastard, he doesn't drive around in hot rods like we do however.
A friend of mine gets his cars and tires from his brother in law who owns a junkyard. He and his family have 30 or 40,000 deeded acres, so it's not a lack of money, but just rancher cheapness.
I was riding with him in what was his current POS (which was a hard working and reliable S10). At 80mph there was a vibration followed by a BAM! It was the tread coming off the balloon. He didn't even let off the gas. Still going 80, I asked: What the hell? He said: Yeah, that happens sometimes.
A certain amount of them were soccer moms getting their first 4x4 suv and didn't like the 4x4 ride so they would lower the pressured to get a smoother ride.
The SUV/Exploder/Firestone issues were in the 90's...

The Firestone 721 issues were in the 70's...

The Firestone 500 issues were in the 60's..

Anyone see a pattern? I simply don't use Firestone Tires....... But plenty of other tires have their problems too....
The plain fact is if they have cracks its not worth the risk chuck um.... :thumbsup:

I would rather buy new tires than fix body and paint.
fix body and paint AND buy new tires anyway...

If your tires are a certain number of years old and still look new, you're not driving it enough.
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It occurred to me, and it wasn't brought up, can't tire rubber life be extended with a good rubber protectant applied every so often, like Aerospace 303 or something? It helps preserve our other rubber, plastic & vinyl parts like dash pads, seats, etc...so wouldn't that help protect tire rubber, at least on the sidewalls inside & out? Because at least in Canada, 75% - 80% of the year, your car is parked in a garage. Also, when cars are stored like this, is it better to store them jacked up on stands to prevent flat spots?
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