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Solved Rubbing / Whirring Noise - Starter?


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11:36 PM
Aug 3, 2020
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Canton, OH
Need some help diagnosing this sound.
There is a rubbing or whirring sound. I can hear it with the engine running, but you can really hear it when the engine shuts off.
I am attempting to post a video.

New flywheel clutch pressure plate.
Newly installed Lakewood bellhousing.
Fresh rebuild 833 with new bearings, faceplated gears.

Sounds the same with clutch in our out.

The starter engages and starts the engine fine.
I'm worried that it might not be disengaging the flywheel.

What do you guys think?

Did you dial in the bell housing? Sounds like the starter is stuck in.
The bell housing may be pushing the starter against the block and cocking it in towards the ring gear.
Yes I dialed it in. .004 runout.

It looked like it had plenty of room. I tried it a bunch with out the trans and it looked like it was disengaged.

I did cut out the part of the motor plate around the starter, so it is in closer by 1/8”. It still had what looked to be 1/2” clearance.
Can you see the starter drive in action with the new BH.. with a helper
Can you see the starter drive in action with the new BH.. with a helper
No, damn Lakewood you can’t see anything.

Also, I disconnected the fan belt so it’s not that.

With all the new stuff it could be anything.

I’ll have to try and get a scope in there.
Well, that was the problem. I put the section back in that I cut out, like a shim.
Problem solved.
Thanks to those that replied!