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493 Mike

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Dec 25, 2011
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White Cloud, MI
I see that a tourist in the Grand Teuton Park area was clocked at 132 MPH in a DODGE truck! He's an idiot regardless.
Agree! Too may things can go wrong very quickly at that speed!
Maybe he had a bad case of diarrhea; he was in a **** load of a hurry, lol!
Probably just some young punk, whipper snapper. Someone with good eyes, sharp reflexes and a need for speed. Thank the high heavens it was in a Dodge and not one of those electric contraptions that no one can hear (did it really happen). It could have been any member here. Oh, the humanity and thrill. As long as no one was harmed making this run.
full disclosure: I saw >120mph (the speedo limit) in my 63 fury vert 383, 3 speed...at 7258' altitude. OK to remark that I was young and stupid. Later, not so young, as a USAF pilot, I saw 620 Knots Indicated Air Speed, in a '56 model F-100D. And...since i am bragging...660KIAS in an F-16A at low altitude. Anybody guess where the 7258' above sea level is....???
PS The KIAS limit for the F-100 was 700, for the F-16 800KIAS. both jets would go faster, but risk engine blow up because of overpressure.
I’ve had my ram over 145 mph in 4th gear. . 13.3 @103 1/4 times in a total stock SRT-10.
I have to admit I've been faster that on the highway. It was in the old days with less traffic on deserted roads and I worked away from home. More of a looking a mile or two ahead for moose than endangering any other motorists.
A 2022 V6 charger will go 126 with ease on the way to the grand canyon to beat the previous top speed in the computer...it had the p zero tires on it.