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The IGNORE feature.

let's say you're at a public event with several friends, having a great time.......... and 2 idiots show up, you and your friends see them for what they are; or at least share the same opinion....... please don't let that be a reason to leave
You're one that's easy to enjoy here, truly!! I am, who I am and my time hasn't come, nor am I looking for acceptance in all my opinions or looking to go. I work on many things in my life, my car or cars in general, aren't one of them anymore like it was, I'm an investor, home flipper, husband and father. Some of this is ridiculous and it's hard to believe people say the things they do about each other, I get that, but families. I talk about two of my children, but I have three. She said she would do bad things to me if I ever mentioned her. I will say she owns multiple businesses and fights for her privacy, now I get it. She looks at some of the things I write and laughs at me for some of my openness. I'm to old to care. I spent a lot of time in my life dealing with people and it could get ugly sometimes, in business, job, and in most cases nothing personal. I do get the ignore button, but, I truly would rather not use it and face it head on. If I'm bored you'll know it, I just walk away. I'm not going to lose anymore hair over it, that's happening by way of mother nature already.
I have several people listed as DNA on my phone. Do not answer!
Lol. A guy I shot pool with had his boss's ringtone set up just to ring "Oh ****" "Oh ****" he hated working for him. His boss knew 1/2 as much but thought he knew it all!!

Welcome to the Ignore Table!
Despite the dozens of threads on the internet about lowering your coolant temp by using a 160 thermostat and expecting your car to magically run 160, I still don’t have a single person on any ignore list. I prefer to have my friends close, and my enemies closer, and since I don’t have any enemies, I don’t believe I’ll be needing the ignore button anytime soon.
Thanks for posting this thread KD.

Just so happens I'm on the verge
of hitting the ignore button for the first
time on this site. Some are so bull
headed in their arguments, that they
attack those offering advice instead
of concentrating their efforts to
resolve the OP's calls for help.
I try to answer any such calls with
real life fixes, or lengthy internet
searches (though most subjects
will find the same all over the map
Right, wrong, or indeferent, I will
absolutely not resort name calling,
and fully admit to offering incorrect
info at times.
There are a few here who are a glue
that kinda holds all this together with
a great sense of humor. There isn't
a day goes by that I don't laugh at
someone's smartass comments.
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Those that have me on ignore (if there are any) are guaranteed to have have serious mental issues.
Never saw the need for an IGNORE button here when everybody has an IGNORE button in their brain. IOW, you see an individual's screen name, ignore the post.
I use the ignore button. Not a lot, and the number ebbs and flows. I think there’s three on it now.
I welcome contrary opinions and spirited debate, wit, sarcasm, and verbal jousting. I put on ignore those who are truly mean, ignorant, or just plain angry. Not only because I don’t like it, but because they bring that out in me, as well.
Two years ago I was involved in an incident that was going to get me permanently booted off the site. I wasn’t the only one in this instance. I had forgotten about it until Cranky took me aside and essentially asked me what the **** was wrong with me. I’m paraphrasing.
Rereading the exchanges I realized that that person wasn’t me. I got caught up in something and got carried away in the moment. When I reread it it felt like it wasn’t me that wrote that, as that is not how I am in my day to day life. So now I put on ignore those who can bring that out in me. Frankly, I sincerely hope that they have me on ignore as well.
Cranky took me aside and essentially asked me what the **** was wrong with me. I’m paraphrasing.
You must have caught him on a good day. :lol:

There are many times when people write something that has many meanings....and some people take that the wrong way. A lot of the time we get things sorted out and everyone is happy again....sometimes....well....vacation time.
I am one that often writes those things. I end up giving a wrong impression when I was trying to make humor.
In the course of all the years I've been here I can say that I found people... ahh ... let's say they are not cool with me being Mexican ( racist) and some other really nice to talk to and deal with ( the vast majority) remember Greg, opinions like asses every body has one, i dont like to engage in pointless discussions but also i dont like to be rude, just leave the conversation and do not engage, the web is a site full of malicious people with ill intentions, sure I like to meet some of you people personal but be sure to be polite to others and this will be polite to you.
Precisely why I "ignore" the political section completely. I cant stand people bickering over stupid things and minds they cant change.
But you don't seem to mind posting political crap in the 'other' forums.......'we' can't stand members that do that.
The older I get the more control I have over my temper....well, to tell the truth, about the only person I get mad at these days is me. :D And since my X became that, my anger issues are gone. Just have to find a better way to let the women that like me know I don't like them. Some if not all just don't know what a cold shoulder means!
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