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Torsion bar issue- any advice?

Make sure you put grease on the adjuster bolts...after following the advice from the other guys.

In my experience, both bolts end up sitting at different 'heights'.....there is no such thing as them being even and having the suspension sitting correctly.

They're pretty close on my cars.

This is good to know. I always thought they had to be exactly even

It will depend on the tolerances in the frame and the suspension components, maybe a bit of twist from lots of hard launches or a very heavy driver...
Mine are not exactly even, not miles out either but definitely slightly different.

Good to know....my point was that the OP should not be overly concerned that the bolts end up at different appearing heights. :thumbsup:
I wonder if the larger the bar, the better chance that the adjuster bolts might be even.
I've had a variety of cars, torsion bar sizes and variable adjuster bolt settings.
My 67 Dart with 1.03 bars have even bolts, my 70 Charger bolts sat even with the 1.0 and 1.15" bars.
The other cars have stock bars and all seem to have a little variance.
This is simply what I have noticed with my own stuff. Feel free to compare to your cars and report back.
Agreed, my adjusters are more even now with the 1.03" bars compared to the stock bars.
I think that's a consequence of the adjuster needing less turns to get the required torsion - they aren't in as far as before, and each slight turn has more of an effect, so they are more even.