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Watched Blazing Saddles for about the 8th time last night....

Vulgar comedy is making a comeback! I heard the Diceman is touring again! Feelings are bout to get hurt! Buckle up buttercup! Hickory Dickory Dock........
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The movie is one hour & 33 minutes in length. It's conceivable you could have watched it more than eight times last night. :eek:
It's much funnier when you're a teenager...but still good for a chuckle after all these years :D
It maybe was funnier at a younger age, however I would say more appreciated today because we could laugh at ourselves back then. We're not perfect, but I think we got along better then than we do now with all the politics the way it is today. I miss those days.
fiance' (?), damn that was quick...

Thanks! But not really all that quick as I kept things on the quiet side at first.....wanted to make sure things were....well, real.
I must live in a cave. I don't think I have ever watched it.
Like I mentioned, I didn't really care for it when it first came out.
Right? I probably saw 8 times by the time I turned 18 hahaha!
I actually watched it recently (well, most of it until I fell asleep) on TCM and there was no editing whatsoever, just like all their movies (amazing considering the channel was started by Ted FondaTurner)... I will give them a thumb's up for refusing to censor any old films.
The only thing I've seen resembling wokeism is they showed a disclaimer before the beginning of "Gone With The Wind" about "certain audiences possibly being offended"....
I was 23 when it first came out and didn't really care all that much for it....plus wasn't watching much TV or going to the movies during that period. Think I was still trying to get my head together after getting out of the military in 73 was in the process of buying a house 6 months later and getting my life back on track. I bought a street legal bike within 30 days of getting home and started thinking about what to do next lol
So you proposed to her during the Blazing Saddles movie? No wonder it took you three hours to watch it!

Congratulations :thumbsup:
Uh no lol.....and thanks!! Haven't set a date yet and well, we will probably just get up day and go to the JP ...
Blazing Saddles rocks. A must see for anyone unless your skin is so thin you bleed out just sitting there.
One of the all time great comedies besides airplane.
One of my favorite lines is "what I the wide wide world of sports is going on here.. I hire you people to lay a little track not jump around like a bunch of Kansas city fagots"
we have a black radio talk show host in Baltimore on WBAL, Clarence Mitchell 4th, calls himself C4. Anyway he loves that movie and defends the comedy in it.
A famous classic. But I’ve never seen it, likely never will. The only thing I kind of know about it was some campfire farting scene. Never been a comedy guy and today there is no such thing. IIRC the only comedy I’ve seen and laughed at was “Something about Mary” w/Cameron Diaz. Part of the riot of that film for me was I knew nothing about it and took my 10 yo old nephew to it when he was in town visiting. Just watching him and his reactions tripled the mirth of that film for me.

But I know I’m on the short list of those that have never seen Blazing Saddles. It’s kind of nice so many of you guys can still enjoy and old classic so much still today.
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Holy **** Davey Jimmy!! Congrats Man!!!

Man, I leave for 4 days and miss a whole lotta stuff!!
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