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What does a 1967 R/T non-CAP dual snorkel air cleaner look like??


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Nov 23, 2019
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Good afternoon. I've got a '67 R/T that I'm trying to re-piece together with as many original parts as possible. Finding a dual-snorkel air cleaner is next on my list, but I'm not 100 percent sure exactly what the CORRECT dual snorkel for my car looks like.
The cars build sheet shows 77 for the carb (4326S) which corresponds to the NON - clean air package.
So, does anyone out there have the same carb with the correct dual snorkel air cleaner sitting on it?? If you do and can share a couple of pics that would make my month!
By the way, once I find the correct dual snorkel for my car I'll be posting a for-sale ad for a '68 dual snorkel air cleaner.
Many thanks!! Sincerely, Kevin
13 notches and no nipple.
Wow you're fast. Nice R/T, too.
OK, no nipple whatsoever. Anything about the back of the air cleaner or the base that I should watch for??
Thank you, Kevin
There’s only one air cleaner that’s ‘right’. Small flat in the back. I haven’t run across one with 13 indents that has a different shape yet. The breather nipple is the only difference.
Amazing! I just looked at a few pages of your post showing the restoration of your car and I'm blown away. Thank you for sharing all the information. Beautiful work on a gorgeous car.
Thank you for all the pics you attached to this thread. With your sharing, now I can confidently find the correct air cleaner for my car.
The air cleaner on my original R/T, well weathered, does not have wrinkle finish paint. It's just a non-glare, but not flat, black paint. Very similar to the black on the radiator tank.

67 GTX, same Air Cleaner. Automatic or 4-speed. 4326S & 4327S
and it's a crinkle finish correct Jerrry?
Yes, both Dodge & Plymouth. The Satellites with a 383 had a dual snorkel but the snorkels were different and they were semi-gloss with no pie tin.
AWESOME! Thanks to all who are chiming in. Appreciate all the knowledge. I'm getting excited seeing all these big blocks with that bad-*** air cleaner, wrinkle or bare, tin or no tin!! The non-CAP simplicity makes it even better.
I also have my original 68 big unsilenced one....... I let my buddy put it on his mud truck over 20 years ago. It's in great shape, and provides ultimate mud protection. I'll get it back from him when I need it
Clean Air Program = smog prevention. Mainly a California thing in 1967, then in 1968, everybody got it.
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