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what stall torque converter


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Feb 18, 2021
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central ny
need some input on choosing a converter. 3900 lbs. 276 open gears, have a 294 posi going in. 440 mild built 9.5 compression with forged pistons. 217-221@50. 482-488 lift on a 110 LSA. converter in now is a 383-2 barrel 12". in the past i used a Hughes XTM 12" on my 67 rt and was to tight. they have a 2000 [24-20] street rod and then a 2500 24-25 street performance. patc said they would make me up a 2200 11" stall . 60 MPH=2200 rpms with the 2.94 gears.all opinions welcome. thanks
I would ask the cam mfg or call whoever converter you plan on running.
I'd say 2400- 2800
As others have mentioned, a factory high stall (12") might be your best choice. They stalled in the 1900-2200 range depending on application.
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