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What's the best state to find/buy a classic car?

The best state to find one in would be your own.
Speaking from personal experience, absolutely. Drove her home, a little over 50 miles.
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I'm talking about availability, price, and condition. In your experience where have you found the best places to shop and buy that even increasingly elusive classic car bargain?

Lately, I've been shopping in New Mexico. It's close. Most cars have little to no rust. The economy is pretty bad there so cars aren't overpriced. I guess it's not the best place to find the Blue Chip cars because the population isn't rich. I dunno, is Florida good? Maybe having lots of wealthy people drives the price down. Or up? Who knows?
My '71 SE came from north central Nevada. The closer I got the better it looked, which is opposite of Illinois. I could not believe that the car was outside in the elements for 20 + years. img001 (2).jpg
Mopars are relatively scarce around Arkansas although if one pops up it could be a good buy.
I kinda like the New Mexico theory.
I would immediately rule out anyplace that cars rust. No way I'm dealing with that.
I would look in southern california, Arizona, (both places near me) Texas and Florida (away from the ocean).
I like California, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona because of their proximity to me. Anywhere that you can drive home and back from in a weekend or on your days off. I’ll drive 750 miles in a day to look at a car and sleep in my truck or at a Best Western motel before I buy a car sight unseen again.

Also if it’s within 500-750 miles of you it is usually easy enough to get it home on a rented Uhaul trailer without inconveniencing friends or family. You just have to be a road warrior.

Spending thousands in flights and pricey hotels and a rental car is not something I would do. I enjoy the experience of the road trip and the possibility that I can offer cash on the spot and tow the car home the same day.

I bought one car without seeing it in person about 15 years ago. Did my due diligence, photos, videos, documents, lots of conversations with private party seller and paid to have it inspected. Then paid a pretty penny to have it transported to me. I still would not do this again. No one is as good of a judge of a seller’s character and a car’s history as you will be. Not even an inspector.
Also depends if you are looking for a just a solid 318 powered '60s Mopar, or a an original Hemi/6 pac car. If looking for the latter, you might have to look nationally, and a $300 flight to inspect first hand, is small compared to the total cost, and is a worthwhile investment. I checked out a couple cars a few thousand miles from home, didn't buy, and was glad I flew there and checked, before I found the one I bought later.
Here in Colorado. We have no humidity, and little rain. A bit of snow and mud if left outside is the worst part.
The sun does beat the interior to death, but all the cars I bought that have been from here have been pretty solid except for the usual trunk and lower rear quarter rust.
Frames and floor pans are normally in good condition if the car was not stored up to the doors in mud (another story.)
I shouldn't convey this, we have too many moving here already.

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I don't think there's any magic state. My last 3 I have bought 2 in Illinois and 1 in Missouri. All were pretty good deals, I really think that finding motivated sellers no matter where they live is key.