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will 18x9.5 all the way around fit


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Nov 20, 2019
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Is anybody running an 18x9.5 rim with 5.29 back spacing rims on a 69 charger. I want to run these rims with a 295/45zr18 tire that is 11.65 wide and 28.46 tall. I have 17x9 wheels with 5 inch back spacing and 275 40r17 on my 71 challenger and they fit with no rubbing. That combo is 11 inches wide at all four corners and 25.67 inches tall. I'm worried the 18x9.5 combo is going to rub in the front. The car has leaf springs in the stock location in the rear and full qa1 front end with torsion bars up front. Any help or input is appreciated
That's an awful tall tire. ~3" larger diameter and ~1.5" radius larger than the 275/40/17's you trial fit. Do you have pics and/or measurements of the outer tire edge corner when closest to fender lip when turning with the 275/40/17 trial fit?

You should be able to fit more backspacing up front. Like around 5.6". But again the larger diameter might rub the inner frame.

So, I'd look into 295/35/18 with 5.6" backspace up front with 18x9.5" rims. Those are 26.1" diameter. That would place the other tire edge close to where your 275 setup is. Maybe 1/4" to 1/2" closer to front fender lip (front bottom is usually the first issue).

Depending on the extra room from your trial 275/40/17 fit, maybe consider 295/40/18 tires.
Yeah that's what I'm worried about. Luckily hope to have the two sizes together to do some testing. I really want the same size front and rear, but we all know that goes. Thank you
Something to think about....

Drum to Drum Rear End width:
'68-'70 B-body= 60 1/8"
'70-'74 E-body = 61 5/8" That's 3/4" (.75") wider on each side than 68-70 B-body
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With the large Challenger tires and wheels on hand you have the advantage of using those for fit up, and then measuring clearances to know how much bigger, wider, offset, etc. you can go.
Thank you for measurements.
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