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Yet Another Electrical Question for a 69 Charger


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Dec 31, 2022
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Cannelton, Indiana
My past novice experience in wiring in items for a Mopar has been to decide switched/unswitched. and then grab a current tester and start checking to see with available existing wire leads are HOT, all the time, and which ones are only HOT when the ignition key switch is in the Accessories position.

Since I have most of my under dash wiring readily accessible, and can even turn the fuse panel around to see the back of it, I thought that I would be more strategic this go around.
3-6-2023 4-13-49 PM.jpg

Lots of wires piggy backed on top of one another in the pic above. The lower terminal, with the blue wire on top, is 3 leads deep on this connection. I believe that the blue wire is for a factory tach. Are the 4 terminals in the drawn yellow box, and the one under my finger the switched part of the fuse panel?

Already looked in the manual, and did not see an answer to my question. Am I missing seeing the obvious?

Yes. You need to look at the design and you will clearly see how the input sides of the fuses are on a shared buss. Follow the wire to the source. One will go to an ignition keyed accessory splice and the other will go to a constant 12 volt splice off the ammeter.
The items in the yellow box are output after the fuse, as just stated above. Not sure what you mean by "switched".
Another clue is the fuse block labeling. The only fuse and I might be wrong that is on its own is the instrument lighting. It is fed off headlamp switch. The others labeled like lighter is 12 volt hot. the feed for those fuses is commonly red. The fuses like radio and heater are 12 volt keyed and commonly black. There is also a black jumper on the keyed side that jumps from the buss to a lone fuse. Look closer and it will be obvious.
As pnora and others said - Your highlighted section may be composed of switched and unswitched outputs. The two buss bars on top of your pic are the inputs. With the key off one will be hot, and the other won't. Good advise above also.

Put your multimeter or test light on the terminals with the key off then on, and you will know.