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You know those times when you're working under the car and you grab for a socket and get a snake instead....

I'm not going to try to figure out which snake it is. If it looks like it's poisonous, I'm going to kill it. Also, I don't want my dogs getting bit. We do have black snakes here, and I leave them alone.
Did you kill it? Or let it go? It would have been on the grille if it wandered into my yard.
My neighbor skined it and brought me a bag of nuggets and we ate fried rattler and then he made a belt out of the skin. His young son has the buttons. Been awhile since I have seen one that big come through.
Here, we are getting Rattlers without rattles. Scientists haven't decided if it is selection by the wanton killing, or if it's evolution for survival
My son was under his Ram truck when he reached for a deep socket and saw this instead, sharing his shade.
If I didn't have a heart attack right then and there, I'd probably have killed myself trying to get out from under the truck.