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    67 Coronet For Sale

    My apologies if I didn't advertise according to the rules of the forum, I didn't intentionally try to violate them. At any rate, wanted to let anyone interested that the car is sold - it was picked up this morning. Thanks B-Body for the ad!
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    67 Coronet For Sale

    Car is available again - wimpy eBay buyer! First $3,000 will buy this car, you pay for shipping, no trades or dickering on price. Rock bottom price. Monday or Tuesday it goes on Racing Junk and eBay again, would like to give members here first shot at it.
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    67 Coronet For Sale

    The new owner is supposed to pick it up this Saturday (also from south La.). If it falls through (young guy just out of the Army) I could PM you if you'd like.
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    67 Coronet For Sale

    Car is sold.
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    67 Coronet For Sale
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    67 Coronet For Sale

    Sorry, no trades. As stated, too many projects now. Unless, of course, you have a Superbird or Daytona you'd like to trade. It goes on eBag tonight.
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    67 Coronet For Sale

    Last bump before ebag.
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    833 4 spd and shifter ID????

    The shifter looks to be a Hurst, and the shift rods look to be from a B-Body. Maybe someone more knowledgeable will chime in on the tranny.
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    67 Coronet For Sale

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    Super Bowl XLIV Predictions

    The Saints will win it.
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    67 Coronet For Sale

    Thanks for the nice comments, it really is a solid car. As far as would it drive to Ohio, it runs well, but Paul hasn't driven it much, so I don't know. If it were me I would plan on trailering it to be on the safe side.
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    67 Coronet For Sale

    I am listing this for a friend who has no computer access and has too many projects. For sale is a 1967 Coronet 440. It was originally equipped with a 318 but now has a smooth running 383 with automatic transmission and 8-3/4 rear. The body is very solid with the exception of rust on the...
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    64 ply savoy

    What are you asking for it?
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    Expierence with this product?

    I bought my engine from Diamondback Engines in Texas. Top notch, very helpful and knowledgeable. Ask for Damon.
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    Carburettor Opinions

    I use and would also buy a Holley. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on the BG's.