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1966 Charger Borgeson steering box issues


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Nov 28, 2023
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Mobile Alabama
Yesterday while while I was torquing down my Borgeson Steering box one of the bolts felt funny (like it was trying to give out) and another broke the hardened washer ( further inspection revealed the washer had a crack before I broke it). I was torquing the bolts using the instructions provided from Borgeson 80 to 100 FT-LBS. i checked out the OEM tech manual and it says to torque steering gear to 55 FT-LBS. Has anyone else had this issue? I think Im going to 55 Ft-LBS. I hope I didnt damage my K frame.
I went and got some grade8 bolts and hardened washers . Going for round 2 this time to 55 ft-lbs
Torque setting?

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As "hack" as it will sound, I don't torque the suspension components to any specific number. For me, it is a matter of feel.
I do use RED Locktite on the stuff though.
I've had steering box mounting bolts back out but only on the Firm Feel Stage 3 unit that had that dreaded slop in the center of travel. I think the dead spot led to the loosening of the bolts because my Borgeson unit has not loosened up at all.
If you're lucky, the threads in the K member may be fine.
7/16 bolts would be 55-65 ftlbs, low for grade 5 and high for 8's. 1/2" bolt would be 80-95. Same deal on bolt hardness. If you can't get a torque wrench in there, go by feel and put red Loctite on like Greg suggested. Also make sure the bolts are not bottoming out in the k-frame. I had to shorten one of mine.
Well when I worked for your rich Uncle in his big grey yacht club we lived and died by proper torque and at this point in life I Torque everything that said I will red locktite it and and torque it down. I didnt have any issues getting the torque wrench in there. I’m thinking the single bolt upper left one may have bottomed out. I went and bought a new grade 8 bolt but got a shorter one. The two inner ones don’t seem to have a interference issue.
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