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2022 12th Annual FABO NHRA "Pick 'Em" Game - Time To Burn Some More NITRO!!!

Congrats to both 'alsant' (FBBO) and 'TT5.9mag' (FABO) for sharing the Top Qualifier title at the NHRA Finals, the final event of the 2022 NHRA season, with 29.5 bonus points each. They took different roads to get to the same place. 'alsant' (FBBO) picked the #1 qualifier in both Top Fuel and Pro Stock Motorcycle, the #3 qualifier in Funny Car and the #4 qualifier in Pro Stock. 'TT509mag' (FABO) picked the #1 qualifier in Top Fuel, The #2 qualifier in both Pro Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle, and the #4 qualifier in Funny Car.
'Budnicks' (FBBO) was right behind in the #2 qualifier spot with 28.0 bonus points.
More great picks!

We have 12 players again this week and 10 different driver combos made up of:
* 5 different Top Fuel drivers with no Round 1 head-to-head matchup. There is a possibility of one head-to-head matchup in Round 2 if both drivers survive Round 1.
* 4 different Funny Car drivers with no Round 1 head-to-head matchups. The earliest possibility of any head-to-head matchup is the Semi-Final round of eliminations.
* 3 different Pro Stock drivers with no Round 1 head-to-head matchups. The earliest possibility of any head-to-head matchup is the Semi-Final round of eliminations
* 4 different Pro Stock Motorcycle drivers with no Round 1 head-to-head matchups. There is a possibliity of a head-to-head matchup in Round 2.

Good luck all!
Happy Thanksgiving!

I apologize for the delay in posting the final results of our 2022 NHRA "Pick 'Em" game. Life got in the way of my plans.

The game final results are tabulated and will be posted within the next day or two, but here are some interesting numbers from the season...

During the 2022 NHRA season

  • 43 drivers attempted to qualify in Top Fuel at national events during the season
  • 31 drivers attempted to qualify in Funny Car at national events during the season
  • 30 drivers attempted to qualify in Pro Stock at national events during the season
  • 31 drivers attempted to qualify in Pro Stock Motorcycle at national events during the season
Enough cars are out there to have full fields at all events. NHRA needs to find a way to make it worthwhile to get to the events.

Congratulations to 'Budnicks' (FBBO) for winning the 2022 NHRA Finals "Top Picker Eliminator" title with an outstanding total of 233.0 points. He picked the class winner in both Funny Car and Pro Stock, his Top Fuel pick lost in the final round of eliminations, and his Pro Stock Motorcycle pick lost in the semi-final round. He was helped with both ET bonus and Speed bonus points in Funny Car.
'64BEL' (FBBO) was the event runner-up with 194.5 points.
'TT5.9mag' was the top FABO finisher with 189.5 points

Here's where the bonus points were earned if you picked the right drivers:

Top Fuel
E.T. - Brittany Force and Austin Prock, 3.641 during qualifying (Force) and the final round of eliminations (Prock)
Speed - Brittany Force, 338.94 (New National Record) during qualifying

Funny Car
E.T. - Ron Capps, 3.837 during qualifying
Speed - Ron Capps, 337.33 during qualifying

Pro Stock
E.T. - Troy Coughlin Jr., 6.508 during qualifying
Speed - Troy Coughlin Jr., 211.36 during qualifying

Pro Stock Motorcycle
E.T. - Angelle Sampey, 6.703 during qualifying
Speed - Angie Smith, 202.94 during qualifying

This was the closest finish ever!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to 'Back in Time' for winning the 2022 FABO NHRA "Pick 'Em'" game with an outstanding total of 2873.5!
He's taking the title to Arizona.

Here are the game point standings after the 2022 NHRA Finals:
2873.5 - Back in Time (FABO) - AZ - +1 in the game standings
2867.0 - Nick2317 (FBBO) - PA - -1
2857.0 - cuda20 (FABO) - BC, Canada - no change
2779.5 - ocdart (FABO) - CA - no change
2765.5 - TT5.9mag (FABO) - CA - no change
2700.5 - Budnicks (FBBO) - CA - +3
2680.5 - memike (FABO) - AR - -1
2663.5 - SSG Karg (FABO) - (staged) - no change
2582.5 - Outlawd (FBBO) - (somewhere in his happy place) - -2
2524.5 - 64BEL (FBBO) - WI - +2
2512.5 - alsant (FBBO) - IL - -1
2498.5 - johnnycuda (FABO) - AZ - -1

Here are the final class leaders:

Top Fuel
743.5 - cuda20 (FABO) and TT5.9mag (FABO)
672.0 - johnnycuda (FABO)
662.0 - alsant (FBBO)

Funny Car
750.5 - cuda20 (FABO)
730.5 - Back in Time (FABO)
716.5 - Budnicks (FABO)

Pro Stock
774.0 - Nick2317 (FBBO)
749.5 - Back in Time (FABO)
744.0 - Outlawd (FBBO)

Pro Stock Motorcycle
511.0 - Nick2317 (FBBO)
495.5 - TT5.9mag (FABO)
487.5 - Budnicks (FBBO)

Now we have a little over 3 months to rest up and get more done on our Mopars each weekend.
The 2023 NHRA season kicks off with the Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals, March 9-12, at Gainesville Raceway in Gainesville, FL.
I can't wait!
Watch for the 2023 game notice post sometime in February.

Thanks for playing and Happy Holidays all!

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Yeah, middle of the pack again... up +3
3rd in F/C & 3rd in P/SM :bananadance:
so much for mediocrity :poke:

too bad @Nick2317 didn't get 1st, 2nd ain't no slouch either

congrats to @alsant top qualifier

& @64BEL up +2 also
Congrats, Bud!
Nick - so close!!

Looks like I screwed up in reverse and lost the basement! :lol: