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67 Coronet interior paint questions

John H

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8:18 PM
Mar 11, 2023
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Bridgewater, Mass
I want to paint the rear/backseat interior panels. They are currently flat black. Any specific paint I should use or prepaprtion of the panels prior to painting them? Also where should I buy the correct paint.
Use adhesion promoter and then flat again followed by sem textured aerosol finally low gloss clear sem is available everywhere


Clean as good as possible.

If they've already been painted and there is any flaking present, use a scotch brite until the flaking stops.

100% on adhesion promoter and hope the person who painted them the first time followed the same steps.
Are these metal panels, or the vinyl covered door panels. What color do they need to be? Are you freshening them up or changing color?
Then the semi textured paint will work but you will need two part flat clear over the textured for wear resistance.

Option 2 is adhesion promoter ppg dbc base with sl1999 additive for texture and dx57 hardner blended in base for improved durability. Then flat gloss or low gloss ppg clear coat with Hardener 3 -4 coats works like a champ. The dash was done with ppg and looks really nice.