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Hood blackout stripes paint

RJ Squirrel

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1:17 AM
Sep 7, 2021
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Cheney, WA
Trying to decide on paint for hood blackout stripes. I am leaning toward SPI black epoxy, since I can also use it for the dash, inside of doors, and suspension parts.
I would want to clear over it on the hood stripes to hide the edges. Has anybody done this? I am wondering if it will still retain a "matte" look under the clear.
Thanks for any input.
You will loose the matte look once you clear over it.
I understand the ( get rid of the line ) only way I could ever pull that off was only two coats on the stripe color over your main base.
Then dump at least 4 coats of clear on , next day wet sand and buff.
You can use a matte additive in your clear for the stripe but then your line is back.
Just to add a stripe on a clear coated hood there is the organsol or for better durability SEM activated hot rod black.
I've used the SEM, it stands up to tree sap and bird crap soap and water clean up.
I think I will try painting the black stripes first, mask them off and spray the base/clear
Paint your base color then paint your satin black stripes. Then tape off the stripes and clear the base. Then tape off the base at the tape line and satin clearcoat the stripes. Wet sand and buff. You won't find many cars out there where they've gone to this much trouble and expense.

The alternative is to just do the stripes in single stage after you've clear coated the base and don't go nuts with a ridiculous number of coats. If someone comments on the tape lines, threaden to chop off their fingers. They shouldn't be touching your car in the first place !!
Just paint the car clear and all.
Do your wet sand and buff.
Mask out your stripes and scuff then paint them.
Heck the original cars you could feel a line. Many were decals.
Don't stripe it 1st, you will not be happy.
Haha yeah I know I am over thinkin it! Nobody will notice but me.
My good friend did my V21 on my Charger and used SEM's Hot Black. Applied it using a dry spray technique to mimic the Organasol finish. Not as rough but it came out great

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