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67 Hemi Master Cylinder

Jerry Hall

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FBBO Gold Member
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1:56 AM
Mar 26, 2018
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I have a correct 2225621 master cylinder on my 67 Hemi 4-speed GTX. It's equipped the correct Kelsey Hayes front disc brakes and correct Bendix booster. The problem is no brake pressure to the rear, and marginal pressure to the front. Also a very low petal. I know that brake feel comes from the rear, so I jacked the rear up, adjusted the rear brakes. Then I was going to bleed the brakes. I removed the master cylinder lid and found the rear brake reservoir full (located at the front of the master cylinder) the front brake reservoir was empty (located at the rear of the master cylinder). There is no signs of leaks anywhere. I topped off the master cylinder, replaced the cover and proceeded to try and bleed the brakes. No fluid from either side. I went back and removed the rear brake hose and depressing the brake pedal gets fluid to move. I blow through the rubber hose and it is clear. Still no rear brake pressure, and no petal. All this leads to the master cylinder being bad. Upon removal of the master cylinder and taking it apart, everything just falls out. I said OK, I need to rebuild the master cylinder. I measured the bore and found it to be 1 1/4". I find that the master cylinder has been sleeved and is not proper bore that should be 1 1/8". Does anyone know where I can get a 1 1/4" rebuild kit for this master cylinder? I really don't want to pay 4-6 hundred for a correct rebuilt original master cylinder.
I would contact White Post Restorations in VA, see if they can fix it up for you. If they re-sleeve it, they can get the bore back in spec. Should be less than $200. Also, I don’t think the 1/8” is causing any issue. That’s a big bore IMO for front disc, rear drum setup.
Thanks, I to am not worried about the extra 1/8". But I just can't figure what they used to rebuild it. If it had been correct there are some kits out there. White Post Restoration might be a option.