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67 R/T 440 Air cleaner saga continues

Aftermarket intake and a Holley. Take the air cleaner off and look at the front of the air horn. There should be a "List" number that will tell us what it is.
Was VERY faint, but magnifier I thinks showed 76750-2 and 3325. Prob means 750 double pumper, but for the life of me I can't find these numbers for a Holley carb on the internet.
A quick way around your dilemma would be to buy an aftermarket Holley base plate at a speed shop that requires 14" o. d. air cleaner element. I think there are regular height base and dropped base for hood clearance problems. Just drop your dual snorkel or no snorkel lid and cleaner on it. The element seals to the lid and the base plate, and your air cleaner becomes unsilenced, but looks stock to the eyeball. Better air flow to the carb is a plus. Edelbrock makes an electric choke kit that bolts on to their AFB and AVS carbs. I run a 750 cfm. on both my 440's with the choke kit. Power comes from 12 V. side of ballast resister. Other wire grounds to carb body.
Mopar used a 13” air filter so you would need a 13” drop base in order to make that all work with the Mopar lid. Mancini sells the 13” drop base for applications like this.