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68' Charger Front Disc Brake Question


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Mar 2, 2015
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Hi, sorry if this is a repeat question but I searched and didn't find anything. Probably user error. It's time to change the front pads ( and maybe the rotors) on my68' Charger. Any advice on what is the best to use and where I can get them? I have found a lot on front disc conversions kits but mine already has disc brakes up front. Thanks in advance.
The car was redone 15 years ago. I am not positive. I think so but don't want to assume. I will have to take a wheel off to see.
If it IS a factory Original Disc Brake Car --- it D O E S have Front Four (4) Piston Calipers --- and all their parts are very very
Special and Unique to exclusively 1966 - 1969 " B " Body cars....

I have the Front Disc Brake ROTORS!!! , Master Cylinder , ( Front Disc Brake Pads ) , Front Brake Hoses and more....

P.M. me, as per forum rules, if you need or want.....
Yes good idea to make sure of what you have so you source the right parts.
The car may be a factory disc brake car but I understand they are reasonably rare.
Ok, here are the pics of the passenger side. The pads anbd rotor actually look s good so I don't think they need ot be changed. I'll check the back drums now. Brake pedal is just spongy. Will also check to see if they need bleeding.



So those appear to be 73-76 single piston calipers, likely from an A body or F-M-J, all were similar-ish. Original 66-69 B body was fixed 4 piston calipers. Anyway, pads should be readily available. Always good to have spares on the shelf.

The owners manual recomends replacing the fluid every two years. I noticed a difference in my car. Hoses get soft too, as they have to hold over 600 psi.
VERY DEFINITIVELY Disc Brake Conversion….

If I could see more of the brake pad, I can tell you what set up that is, and I would have *** N.O.S. *** Asbestos *** Brake Pads for it —- as opposed to you getting the Chineseum garbage of today…. Still an intelligent decision to go with *** N.O.S. ***Asbestos *** to effectively stop this vehicle…..
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