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'68 Plumb Sinister Coronet 440

That's an abody ?
yes sir, my dad talked to him on the phone so he may have mentioned he had the b-body one as well so looks like we're still on for a road trip tomorrow with an extra hundo staying in our pocket
Thanks, but if you're only reading my build thread here on FBBO there are 32 pages before it was started on here... over on Dodgecharger.com
Thanks, but if you're only reading my build thread here on FBBO there are 32 pages before it was started on here... over on Dodgecharger.com
Oh okay, I was actually wondering about that and would like to see the earlier stages of it as well. Do you have a hotlink to your thread there? If not, I can search and probably find it.
Current condition after a wipedown.
Front end buttoned up, tightened down but not torqued.
Dad started to feather in the quarters where the Hot Shop left off in '06 and I'll be taking over the rest.
Some hammer & dolly work needed on roof still.
Body in decent shape.
Trunk, surprisingly, needs very little patch work.
Got the doors gaps pretty damn close and they close smoothly.
Small area on driver door needs welded up and lower door jamb area on both in the rear corners.
Plan is to tackle the body work, get the fenders on(one needs a lower patch),prime, block and sand 3x or 4x then go after the interior.
You lost me at flat black. Good luck with your project.
You lost me at flat black. Good luck with your project.
Not permanent. It's in epoxy black primer now and if the budget comes in, we're probably just going to go ahead and paint the whole car plumb crazy purple to match the underside.
You are doing a great job. I'm glad you didn't give up.
Appreciate it. My dad has been saying he's wanting to paint a car so what better shot than now. We've got pretty much everything to throw the car back together aside from minor gaskets, lights, carpet. Waiting on our block to get sonic tested and machined then built in another few weeks. Finally got our 833 trans, shifter, fork, need clutch pedal assembly still/bellhousing, probably gonna buy from brewer's, and clutch kit. Gotta go through and clean up the original wiring harness, etc. Wanting to finish body work then paint interior the rest of the way purple, then body. Figure we might as well do it right if we're gonna do it.
Something is off with my seats and the new covers that came with the car. I know they're not what came in the car originally as it was the red/white interior and these seats are a goldish color. The gold ones are a solid piece and the new covers are open back. So either I'm going to just trade the seats for a split bench, which would be original to the car, or I'm going to have to get the right seat covers in white for these frames. The mount bottoms are pretty roached but the springs and everything else seems fine. I've got better seat mounts that look identical we'll be using too or can be in the swap.
lmao mystery solved..seems like someone had the sense to put a cover over the original upholstery to these seats and what I have will work
that's another load off the mind and wallet haha
got our trans couple weeks ago - freshly rebuilt 23 spline a833 for a deal (guy who rebuilt it has a sweet charger and challenger, both top notch rides)
going through all the hardware and cleaning them up (evaporust is your friend - just too bad it can't make my life's problems disappear like the rust and grime)
16-17 year old painter's tape removed from firewall ( heat gun and plastic trim/clip removal tools SLOWLY and GENTLY)
talked to our engine builder today, supposed to have the block tore down ready for pickup tomorrow to take to machine shop to see what all it needs (bore, decking, etc)
it's going, slowly but surely.
for those who have an issue leaving it in primer/epoxy, our plans are to body work and paint ourselves after getting the drivetrain done and seeing what the budget allows, i've done some hammer/dolly work to the roof a little bit and got the bad dings out, now it's just minor areas around those dings needs a little more attention.
done got our spray gun and sanding supplies, going to get the engine built and remaining parts like timing chain, HP/HV oil pump, intake, and carb before we get our gallon primers - pretty much a waiting game and more research at this point

20220314_195728.jpg 20220314_195751.jpg 20220314_195800.jpg 20220314_195815.jpg 20220314_195853.jpg 833.png
sanding, sanding, sanding, hammer and dolly, heat shrinking stretched area in roof, sanding, and some more sanding 10+ year old epoxy primer off to put fresh on
one little spot in the roof that's giving me a tough time, quarter welds were flap disc grounded good enough for glass
slow and steady something something :):usflag:
trying to do you mopar folks proud and not half *** this

20220505_080359.jpg 20220505_080423.jpg 20220505_080441.jpg 20220505_080454.jpg
alright, figured i would do a little update
not really much done so far
got an original lower fender brace cut and mailed from oregon after some searching around and the passenger fender patched a couple weeks ago
just got done blasting then wire brushing the wiper arms and pivots, going to leave them bare metal and brush with rpm when i pick some up
blasted the park light housings and painted - got new lenses as one of our originals has a bb sized holed in it
mocked up the dash to blast on a jig i made then our blast gun crapped out (2nd one from harbor freight - will be getting an eastwood one next and converting our cabinet to a foot operated blaster)
engine still at the machine shop - guess it will get done when it gets done since it's just a pretty well known guy for engine machining and it's just him and his brother doing them
got the main body in epoxy primer
trying to get the paint and body guy to swing by and look the car over to get a rough estimate to finish off the rest of the body work and get it in paint to match the purple that's on it
yes, going purple paint job and no flat black
waiting on a completely restored/triple chromed original 1970 pistol grip shifter, complete with box/linkage arms to be shipped out in the next couple days or so all for $700 so that was a hell of deal and too good to pass on
just ordered an original '68 big block bell housing that looks amazing and already painted orange so guess that's going to be the engine color too
getting the bodywork completed and in paint is our main goal right now and everybody claims to be backed up by at least 3 months so that's where it's at for now








got the heater mech that mopar john hooked me up with cleaned and polished today with some polish cream i already had for wheels
used wd-40 and blue shop towels to clean off the bulk of the dirt/grime and armor all for the slider knobs
although they're both 1968 heater mechanisms, noticed that the one original to our car has a smooth underside and the one i cleaned has a textured/rough underside (maybe different model that year?)
so i may just have to clean our original up although i kind of like the textured look better