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69 Roadrunner - For the Boss

Fantastic work! Does it have A/C?
It was not a factory AC car, but the wife does want it so at some point I'll have to look at adding it. I've seen others post about getting a classic air system to add on, but not sure how they work as far as what is needed under dash just yet.
They are self contained. No, that is not a factory bolt for that, it looks more like a ground or mounting bolt into sheet metal
Haven’t worked on the car for a while. Joined two golf leagues so that will take up some free time this summer.

I did pull off passenger fender as I saw some rust bubbling through the e coat. Come to find out there was a previous repair that wasn’t as clean as it should have been. Had to remove fender to radiator support bracket, but I was able to remove and patch rotted area.








All in all I think it turned out pretty good. Most of it gets hidden when the bracket goes back on, but I wanted it to look somewhat professional, LOL.
I put the car on the back burner for a while. In addition to playing a lot of golf this summer, I’m also working to get the floor poured in my other building. I built the 60x80 building almost two years ago and the boss finally gave me the green light to put the floor in.

Since I’m putting radiant heat in the slab it’s requiring a lot more prep work. Got my brothers to help get the stone to grade.



Then I started putting down plastic sheeting for moisture barrier and then 2” foam. Fortunately I have a family friend who does commercial roofing and was able to get me some used foam sheets to save some money. I did have to buy some new sheet, but every little bit helps.



I just finished putting all the foam down and will put down mesh next to hold the tubing in place. If all goes as planned the floor will be poured by the end of July.

Wire mesh is down and tubing is nearly all in place. Concrete scheduled for the 29th. I can't wait for this to be done....