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69 roadrunner leaking water in cab.


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Jun 1, 2020
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Hope I am on the right thread. Notice after washing my car water leaking into the car. Dripping around the E brake pedal from lower dash. Thought this front window was sealed up well. Any Ideas appreciated. Like how to locate it. Thought it might be the wiper pivot seals. But not sure it is that. Can I take soapy water in a spray bottle and spray around the window seal and apply compressed air to find where the water is coming from.
Could be the seam around the vent is rotted out OR the drain is plugged and the water level got high enough to overflow the lip. Take the vent box off and feel up in there with your hand. Arrow shows the drain location.

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smoke has a way of finding leaks..... hope your cowl under the dash isn't thin and holey
Most likely its leaking around the windshield gasket. I had a similar problem and in my case it was at the top of the windshield. What I did was remove the moldings and poured water around the gasket which will pool. Let the water sit and you'll be able to see where the water disappears from. Once you find the leak, apply windshield sealant in the affected area(s) and water test again before reinstalling the moldings.
Thank you for the thought. I will say I welded a cap on those. Sealed them off. I have aftermarket air so did not need them. Noticed some rusty water spots on my windshield wiper arms. Thinking it might be the pivot arm seals for the wipers. We work so hard to restore these cars and paid special attention to installing the front windshield with the calk to make sure it did not leak. That is why I am posting this at a loss for an answer. Upper and lower cowl is brand new. Have 4 thou. miles on the car and it did not leak untill recently. I agree that the window gasket might be the problem. But we all know how much these cars flex. I am banging my head aginst the wall.
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looks like it can only be one of 2 things....glass or wipers

If it was the left wiper, it would drip near the gas pedal. His leak is by the kick panel which leads me to think windshield and/or gasket.

Is water pooling up by the VIN tag?
No. the curve under the dash lower part is getting water in it. That is the best I can tell by running my hand under the dash. I have to get a better look at where it is coming from so figure to get soapy water and spray around different places and use my compressor blow off tip and see if I can force it to the inside. Will take in consideration all that has been stated. The pivot seals do look like they have deteriorated. From the heat. Even though they are new. That is the rubber cap on the pivot not the gasket inside but that might be also. I will see if the pivots are loose and tighten up the nuts for the gaskets under dash. Anything is possible, I guess. All ideas are appreciated. Thanks guys.
isnt there a hole at each end of the windshield bed that drains into the cowl and out? so water doesnt rise above the pinch weld?

now i have to go look
Process of elimination. Since the pivot seals are a common source for leaks, place a hose at the pivot on the side of the leak, below the windshield.
or blow some smoke up there and have someone watch outside........ you can take turns...... pass that thing lol :fool:
You can try closing all windows and doors tightly with the blower on high and then use your squirt bottle with soapy water on the outside to find the leak. We do that with newer cars. Old car might not seal up tight enough though.
Lot of good Ideas. Will try all of those. Man, it is just disappointing. Water is not a good thing we know what it can do coming into a car. It is not a flood but could end up destroying stuff.
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