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70 Charger - Mechanic says "Transmission Selector Shaft" is leaking and wants 8 hours labor to replace

Prime example of why no shop will ever touch my car. Transmissions are always the big mystery that most shops wants to “rebuild” for the slightest problem. Always for big $. I remember someone bringing me a ram van that needed a “trans rebuild” for 5 grand ( even tho a new trans from Chrysler was $2500 exchange) . I traced it down to a fried drivetrain computer, $300 to have it rebuilt. 10 minute swap. Buy the tool and diy, they are not that hard to work on. Find a friend if you need help. Good luck.

That neutral switch leak I had for years before I figured it out. Only leaked when cold.
Trans rebuild kits are $125 tops the rest of the $$$ is reaming out your butt. With proper tools 1-1/2 hour tops to put back together