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727 slip yoke question


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Jun 19, 2014
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I ordered a replacement drive shaft slip yoke from {Dennys drive shaft}. The barrel on it is 6"
My old original one is 7" they both are the small joint 7260 series and the U joint fits correct.
On the 727 tail housing my output shaft hangs out a little aprox 1" past the housing visable with the seal off.
My question , Is 4" of slip yoke on that output shaft enough ? 3 " inside the housing and that last inch is on the output shaft that is exposed past the tail housing end. with the seal installed I will have 2 inchs of barrel sticking out of the dust boot.

The car is a 67 coronet 318 car switched to 383 and 727 so I am not sure were the old 7" yoke came from.
No problem
I would just make sure it has enough engagement that when you grab it and try to move it - you don't get any looseness or play at the yoke. The splined output shaft does as just about as much to stabilize the yoke as the tail bushing.
Yep I checked that play AR67, That's what led to the yoke, I changed out the bushing and still had more play than I felt should be there.
So I ordered the yoke & switched them around with a new joint and seal. after doing a trial fit and measure,
the new one showed up 1" short on length of the old one but does have 4" on the shaft and is snug with hardly any play at all, made a world of difference.
I just wanted to get some more opinions on if it had enough spline contact , fits good , looks good but that missing inch had me wondering.
Thanks again guys.
yep missing an inch isn't good....oh sorry I thought we were talking about something else...my bad:thumbsup:
It's probably OK if it feels tight and free of movement. I had a long yoke in my A727 and had some trouble finding a comparable one. Finally found one at Mancini that was as long as my old one.