76' American Clipper Motorhome Mid-Range Stumble


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10:53 PM
Mar 6, 2020
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Nah. It's not a smogger I don't think. It has no electric bits to it. The only difference I can see between the one you sent, and mine, is the fuel inlet Location ( if that's the fuel inlet on the side, mine is on the rear.) And mine has a distributor ported vacuum port, and yours does not appear to have. Mine has three in the front where idle mix is. And two in the rear. Like yours. I gave the AutoZone guy the numbers on the carb. He said it was the right kit for it. It was a "walker" kit. I compared the pieces I replaced and they all had the same dimensions. So I figure it was correct. Also when I searched a rebuild for the carb numbers in Google. The Walker kit showed up. Not sure if that has any reliability to it. But it ran when I turned the key. Which it didn't do before I rebuilt. It wouldn't run in gear until I unplugged the choke pull off. Then plugged it back in. And it hasn't had trouble staying running in gear since.. so I think it's haunted. Which.. I'd believe because strange things follow me wherever I go. I'll ask my aunt if the paper that has the carb number is still laying around and I'll get back with it if I can find it!