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Aligning crank shaft centerline with transmission centerline.

493 Mike

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FBBO Gold Member
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Dec 25, 2011
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White Cloud, MI
Hi fellas,
I just wanted to share my experience with this procedure. I machined an adapter to bolt on the crank flange to mount my dial indicator on and checked the pump opening concentricity with the empty case I'm using for this build. Initial reading checked at 12, 3, 6, 9 O'clock had .020" T.I.R. So I needed some offset dowels for the engine. I bought some neat, easily adjustable dowels from RobbMc Performance at a great price compared to the "big" boy pricing and dialed in the concentricity to less than .002".
One snag I ran into with my Indy Max block though was Indy's use of Ford size (.500" O.D.) dowels. I wondered why the trans case was so hard to pull off! Seems Mopars use .496" dowels. As I had purchased Mopar sized dowels initially I needed to return them for the .500" size. RobbMc had NO problem refunding the purchase price as they hadn't been installed and were very nice to deal with. I highly recommend the company!
Always good to dial in trans stick or auto and .002 is awesome. I think the auto has a little more wiggle room but peace of mind is a plus.
An extremely wise move on your part. With my '65 Coronet I spent many weeks and 727 R&R's, fighting front pump seal leaks and front pump bushing problems. End of season, did the empty case dial indicator check and found the front pump mounting bore in the case was not round. Scraped the case, new trans build, offset dowels to center. No further problems.