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Best oil for a roller cam engine

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High Zinc might not be necessary for a full roller engine but it’s still the best thing to use in my opinion. As long as there is no catalytic converter on the engine I would use high zinc in everything.
yes you need zinc in roller engine why because the valve spring pressure is high and the rockers shaft need help with that kind of pressure

id ran hps royal purple and it did very well few years back

now running the rotella 10w30 with the lucas zinc additive
So, its time to change oil in the 505 engine..... roller rockers and roller cam.... Zinc not a requirement I have read..... so like a Mobil 1 synthetic? Interested in what you guys are using in your roller engines ......... Muscle Motors in Michigan who built this engine back in 2012 seems to be no longer in business.... and the guy I bought it from and stored it for all these years can't remember what he used..... he thinks a straight weight 30w or 40w..... which I think is to thick for cold starts....... appreciate your input.... M

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I'm running a Competition Components hydraulic roller and have been using 5W30 in the cooler months, I have also run Mobil 1 European blend 0W40 when the weather gets hotter with no issues. Late last fall I purchased a case of new Mobil 1 0W40 Oil made specifically for Super cars and plan on putting that in next month. I'm running Morel lifters and they do not recommend anything heavier than 10W40.
They've finally come out with a 0w-8 so that's what I'm using from now on. Works for Toyota, works for me!
Ok....after further review I decided everyone has a favorite and they all seem to work well..... I ended up going with the Lucas 10-30 Hot Rod oil that I use in our 56 Chevy wagon. It's got Zinc and is a 10-30 which seems to be what the majority of folks think is right..... it is Dino Oil but I will run it for the season and then change it out next winter or spring..... 2500 miles maybe...... plus I can pick it up at Speedway Motors which isn't that far away from me...... thanks for all the input.... I studied a lot of forums and there was some good info out there but finally ended up kinda keeping track of the info trends that were offered...... the car is used on the street not the strip.....
After my recent experiences with engine failures in modern motors, using off the shelves synthetic I’m using nothing but AMSOIL from here on out. Check prices on even a basic rebuild and the cost is a negligible differential and it’s actually going to hold up better under long-term storage Conditions that many of our Sunday drivers are subject to. I’m all ears to any data driven arguments to the contrary, but I’ll pass on gambling gold ingots to save a few pieces of copper.
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