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Brake caliper clearance


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3:05 PM
Jan 1, 2024
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Bavaria, Germany
Good morning from Germany,

for disc brake conversion (11“ front) my 68 Charger is in the repair shop atm. Unfortunatley there are some clearance issues between the brake caliper and the KYB (Gas a just) schocks, when lifting the car.

Does anybody have a solution for this?

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Photos would be a good start, otherwise we're just guessing.
Calipers are quite thick. I believe some clearance can be had with some grinding on the caliper housing.
You might be able to adjust
or add some washers to
limit your steering stops.
You'll have a little less
turning radius, but I don't
think you'll notice it much.
Grinding on a caliper casting
is probably not a good idea.
There's no way to tell how
thick that casting is given
sub-par manufacturing
these days. Another option
would be to get a shock
with a smaller diameter
Thx for your replies! Grinding is no option in Germany (technical inspektion:) ). Limiting the steering stops would be possibility. Thinking about to leave it „as is“, since I dont use the full steering radius that often.
Looks like a little fab work to the lower mount to move it inward is the easiest solution.
Is that touching at full lock? How much interference is occurring once it makes contact? If it's minimal, and you're not road racing this 68, I wouldn't even worry about it.
Looking at the two pictures, is your suspension at full droop/wheels off the ground? If so, look at that area when wheels are on the ground and check clearance. Turn right/left etc full lock and look.
Change the spindles from side to side which will relocated the caliper and position it further away from the shock? It’s kind of hard for me to tell without seeing a picture of your problem with the wheel off the car
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