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Brake Testing at DMV on a Brake Machine

I was thinking the scale went from -100 to +100 left to right. When my right front was “too far right” I thought too tight, so I loosened it up some, which didn’t work.

I learned that on the scale, left front is calculated from -100 right to the center and right front is from 100 left to the center. So I need to tighten the right from more to bring the arrow left towards the center.
So: They'll be a pass for a week anyway until they wear a touch and go out of adjustment, sheesh.
Captain Obvious statement disclaimer:
It ain't about safety or equipment condition, gents - it's about the revenue.
It always is.
It's all in the Vehicle inspection manual.


  • DE Vehicle Inspection Manual Pg 61-62.pdf
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I haven't seen one of those testers since 1980! Always parked my car when they brought the mobile safety "clinic" to town.
Been about that long since I have seen one in Ontario as well. I had a '73 Chev C30 one ton pickup for my daily beater back then. Got roped into one of those MTO safety scams. My beater broke their brake tester and the MTO weenies were afraid of the 16.5" split rims, so I got a pass by default.
What other states have physical brake tests?
Anyone familiar with a Hunter B - 400T Plate Brake Testing Machine? Delaware DMV uses this to test braking? My '68 Super Bee failed and I want to confirm what I need to do.

See the attached picture. On Left/right Front, the bottom arrow failed (right front I assume?) Does that mean it's too much brake pressure? Looking at the graph, the left states 1420 lbs and the right 1209 lbs. Not sure how to interpret that.

Same for the Left/right rear. Right rear not enough braking pressure?

I guess the first question is: is the top arrow right or left side of the car?? The guy in the lanes had no idea how to explain it to me.

This car is 4 wheel drums, no power. DMV is a 30 minute drive each time and I want to set the brakes properly before I go and fail the test again.

TIA for your help!!!

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....if ya stupid enough to live in delaware.......ya stupid enough........
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....if ya stupid enough to live in delaware.......ya stupid enough........
Really? What does my decision to retire to Delaware have to do with anything? My taxes are 1/7 of those in VA where I came from for the same size house and property and I’m 4 miles from the beach.

Please do not reply to any of my posts going forward. If you can’t be helpful, then just sit there quietly and don’t waste my time. I’m here to get help from this forum, not read posts from childish people.
I am just seeing this. It has been many years since I did any testing on the B400 brake test plates. I do know worn shocks and unequal tire pressure could cause failure. I think if the would have this printout it would have made more sense.