Dropping the crank question


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Jun 1, 2021
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New Jersey
Quick question, you said crank is not smooth. I know that there are smooth cranks at the seal n knurled cranks. If it's knurled, I "believe" only rope seal works. If it's smooth, they all work but prefer the Felpro ones.
Yep mine is knurled. However, that is the seal Barton used. It was a black 2 piece seal with a steel inner wire. Not very pliable at all. I also tried the FAST fish unit but that has 2 lips that straddle the knurling. TBH I think it is just going to take a few tries until I get it. Thats fine as I never quit. I may give Barton a call as maybe somebody fooled with this seal before. The engine was built in 2007, car finished in 2014 and was sold a few times. It was built to look at not to drive as I knew. Just getting all the leaks done and this is my last. It had many other issues. 3 coolant leaks, 1 fuel leak, 4 dead shorts and shocked the car didn't burn. 3-4 oil leaks, loose steering wheel, no horn, exhaust rubbing on both shocks, both rear tires rubbing on inside of inner wheel wells, speedometer didn't work, no stereo well it had AM. Shifter was shot, fans wired wrong, ran like S%%T, and I can go on. If you look at the car it is stunning. Paid good money but the stuff was there and I can do the work so here I am. Came from Big Block Chevelles and wanted a car with a Hemi for something different. Just ordered that PCV and was looking at that before you told me about it. So that sealed the deal.