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Engine Update


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11:40 AM
Nov 8, 2009
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'69 440 stroker 500" Eagle crank and rods
.060 over diamond forged aluminum pistons
10.5:1 compression
Edelbrock RPM Perf heads out of box
Comp magnum steel roller rockers
.355 rear w/ 4 speed
3500 lb. 70 Coronet R/T
6 pack carbs/edelbrock alum intake -
Lunati hyd roller .535/.550 lift .231/.239 duration
Posted most of this info back in April- It's been slow and steady.

First question is what do you guys think about my cam selection?

Second is what size jets should I use on the 6 pack? I bought quick fuel metering plates but they interfered with the floats- so I hope they will take them back. The promax plates are a little expensive for me so I was thinking of running 65's in the center and starting with the stock plates (.071) and going the old school route- drilling them out in small incraments if need be. Any thoughts???
What's the lobe separation on the cam?

I would always start with the factory calibration when it comes to carbs in general.
Verify by CC-ing that you actually have 10.5:1 CR. If so then it should run well.